Quote of the day—obvious-if-you-read-carefully

The people fighting universal background checks are the people who deliberately want to be irresponsible.  Plain and simple.

April 1, 2015
Comment to Gun background check hearing: Does bill close loophole or create unenforceable law?
[The type of people who say things like this have mental problems. It is common in some personality disorders for the person to believe they can read your mind. I’ve had them insist they knew what I was thinking and/or meant even with the words I used were written down and visible in front of them and I insisted they were completely, totally, wrong. They just knew in direct disregard for all the facts.

This is why I sometimes ask how someone determines truth from falsity with stunning effectiveness. I have literally been told, “It depends on how I feel.”—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—obvious-if-you-read-carefully

  1. That’s hardly surprising. Remember that modern public schools explicitly teach the notion that truth is just a matter of opinion.

  2. Apparently it’s one thing to want to be irresponsible, but quite another to deliberately want to be irresponsible. That would indicate a progression of willfulness that goes as follows;
    I did x.
    I wanted to do x.
    I meant to want to do x.
    What’s the next in the chain then?
    I intended to mean to want to do x.
    I deliberately intended to mean to want to do x.

    It’s obvious, if you read carefully, that we’re dealing with someone who doesn’t think clearly.

  3. The same people? So, not to put too fine a point on it, the NRA, CRPA and the TSRA are just the Sinn Feinn for every criminal group in the US? I was unaware of any accusations of crossover among the leadership of the mob and the NRA a la Gerry Adams.
    And we should ask German Jews about the effectiveness of universal background checks for each weapon owned, if this Jew-hating Statist Nazi thug genuinely wondered about the true effect of what he advocates.

    Lyle, is the next in line, “I premeditatedly deliberated about intending to mean to want to do X.”?

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