And then there were…five?

Kansas Gubnuh signs “constitutional” carry bill.

There’s also talk about lowering the legal age for open carry to eighteen, some citing the fact that eighteen year-olds can fight for their country. Well, yeah. I havent seen any age restrictions in the second amendment, but maybe I didn’t look close enough. That sort of thing (for those under 18) should be up to the parents, and Uncle Sam is not my daddy or my kids’ daddy.

ETA: If we didn’t think she’d be arrested for it, my daughter would be packing right now. Instead we’re forced to decide whether we’re more concerned about her being judged by twelve (actually since she’s under age it would be judged by one) or carried by six.

“I believe we can lower the age to 18 at some point in the future. I think after everybody sees that there are not going to be any of the dire predictions coming true, and they relax a little bit, then we can talk about that.”

OK; why do some people need to be “relaxed” before others can exercise their natural human rights? Where in the constitution does it say that? There must be one hell of a long list of qualifiers that I haven’t seen yet.

I’ve mentioned “control by freakout” before, and this is an excellent example – media get people all hyped up and “un-relaxed” and our rights are violated as a result. I must say it is a brilliant tactic.


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  1. Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and most of Montana.
    So, 6.75..?

    • Emotion is the lever by which we are separated from reason and individual sovereignty.

  2. Idaho only requires a permit for concealed carry inside city limits. If you are open carrying or carrying outside of city limits then no permit is required.

  3. Laws don’t always make a lot of sense. Wisconsin has constitutional open carry except wherever prohibited at the whim of the landowner or building tenant. CCW is by permit only; allowed in city parks but not in any restrooms or shelters. So, I can go about openly armed unless someone doesn’t want me to and I can walk in a park armed, but not take cover from weather or relieve myself. Some freedom…

    • NH has something similar: open carry is fine, concealed carry (and carry in a vehicle) requires a permit. Supposedly Constitutional Carry has been passed, or at least proposed, once again, and most likely the socialist governor will once again veto it if it gets that far.

    • I wonder if that would be a defense to indecent exposure (urinating in public)?

  4. I have also looked for that list of qualifiers. I can’t find it either. Most people need to feel controlled, but that’s what you get with the public education system. I prefer to ask forgiveness rather than permission.

    • “I prefer to ask forgiveness rather than permission.”
      Ah, but you have it backwards, Young Grasshopper. You are not the one who has trespassed, and so you are in no need of forgiveness in that regard. Those who make and enforce laws violating human rights; THEY (the “social engineers”) are the ones who require forgiveness (or punishment) for, anyone’s “permission” notwithstanding, they have trespassed against all of us.

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