‘Well, you know what I meant!’

Actually no; quite often I don’t, so why not just come right out and say it clearly and directly?

From Vanderboegh. I like it. It illustrates exactly the sort of ridiculous things I picture in my mind when most people speak, about anything.

I was listening to a caller on a talk show this morning, for example, who went on and on and, so far as I could gather, never said anything. The host caught on right away and after several unsuccessful attempts to prompt the guy into saying something he ended the call. A lot of words were coming out of the caller’s mouth, amounting to nothing.

That little anecdote describes much of my life. Many times I’ve sat through a whole hour of some video someone or other thought I should totally see, searching for one little bit of clear meaning (anything that didn’t require some inference or projection or other) to end up with nothing.

3 thoughts on “‘Well, you know what I meant!’

  1. You, sir, are a paragon of patience. If I don’t detect a point within a couple minutes (and I’m willing to prod a bit to get that) I’m done, whether it’s a video, a phone call or a F2F conversation. The other party may enjoy wasting his or her time, but I am under no obligation to tolerate their inability to communicate concisely and accurately. Unfortunately, that seems to have become the default setting for much of society.

  2. A minimal amount of idle chit-chat is sometimes called for in order to establish social connection or determine which group the other belongs to. Other than that, people should just shut up unless they actually have information for me. IMHO. For some reason, most people I know think I’m a curmudgeon…

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