Quote of the day—Eliot Engel

This legislation is not stopping hunters from continuing to participate in legal sporting activities. What it does is make the rational point that “green tips” are not necessary for those purposes. While some argue that these bullets have not been used to kill cops, I say why should we wait around for that day to come?

Eliot Engel
U.S. Representative
March 27, 2015
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[While some may argue that Engel should be gagged, removed from office, and prosecuted before he says something even more stupid and attempts more criminal acts I say we can only prosecute him for acts committed. The principles our country is based upon say that, yes, we do need to “wait around for that day to come”. To do otherwise is called prior restraint and is, rightfully so, illegal.—Joe]


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  1. I wonder if he actually believes that the right to bear arms has anything to do with hunting.

    • Of course he does. He will refer you to that famous picture commemorating Washington crossing the Delaware River to get to his duck blind in order to get some waterfowl for Christmas dinner.

      I wonder how long it will take before the American Revolution is forgotten and people believe that George III gave up the colonies voluntarily and George Washington gave a thank-you speech in Parliament as in Robert Silverberg’s “Time of the Great Freeze.”

    • Of course he does. He will refer you to that famous picture commemorating Washington crossing the Delaware River to get to his duck blind in order to get some waterfowl for Christmas dinner.

    • He knows he’s full of B.S. but it’s what he has to do to further the agenda. Sure; there are no doubt those who are genuinely stupid enough to believe that sort of gibberish, but most of them know exactly what they’re doing. They are trained in it, they’re good at, but they have a major weakness in that they must always lie and hide reality. They’re extremely vulnerable. The problem is that most Americans, and all Republicans, have been traumatized, after a fashion, to the extent of being intimidated, afraid, and even bored, to the point where no one takes them head-on.

      Yes; some people in the Engle camp need to be prosecuted, and their crimes made known in a public trial. Who’s going to have the guts to do it?

      How many people are more concerned with getting their antidepressant meds, who they’re going to have sex with next, or having their next drink? How many are burnt out on hearing about corrupt politicians, and just want to get to work and back, and mind their own business? How many people will become angry at YOU for even broaching the subject? How bad do things have to get before people will pay attention long enough to demand the proper fixes? Would people ever demand the proper fixes, or are we so programmed by culture, education and media that we’ll always demand all the wrong things, making it worse?

    • Also keep in mind that this shill most likely didn’t write his own speech. Probably some intern got a few talking points via Bloomberg, recast them slightly and put them in front of the talking head/representative to read.

      Most politicians are even more stupid than we give them credit for – they do what their overlords tell them to.

  2. As the cliche has it — it’s not a Bill of Needs, it’s a Bill of Rights. I get to do things that are legal, and as long as I stay within the law and pay my bills on time, it’s not really anyone’s business if I really NEED it or not.

    (Jay Leno has a marvelous car collection. Cars kill more people than guns do. Does anyone ask Jay how many cars he actually needs? He can afford them, he’s not breaking any laws, he’s not hurting anyone.)

    It’s a little depressing to realize how MANY good pro-gun arguments are cliches… and yet we continue to use them, because the message still hasn’t sunk in yet.

    • Who really NEEDS to hunt? Even in the wilds of Alaska, subsistence living is a choice any more, after all.

      That’s the cheap trick revealed though, isn’t it? If enough people can be convinced that hunting is the only legitimate reason to own a gun, and that hunting ammo is the only legitimate ammo, the next step is to point out that hunting is completely unnecessary (in addition to being cruel, teaching the mechanics of killing, and desensitizing the hunter to the act of killing). It’s a good strategy too, as far as it goes, being that hunters are probably a minority of gun owners. It’s also a good way to divide gun owners, pitting them against one another.

      The Progressives (incremental communists) do know exactly what they are doing (and they’re good at it).

      Do we know what we are doing? Do we even understand what THEY are doing?

        • For the most part? I’d say “no” except for one thing; the NRA as a fund raising organization must always be finding ways to upset its base (or so they believe). Thus they often use the idiotic statements of Progressives by accepting the premises behind them and arguing from that basis. In the recent past anyway, the NRA would have been unable to respond to the proposed m855 ban because they wouldn’t have been able to argue that it’s a hunting round, or they’d find some obscure type of hunting in which it might be appropriate, or they’d say that it’s useful in practicing for hunting, etc.

          Do they understand Progressive tactics? If they do they’re not making it obvious.

          My guess is that they don’t. They too often fall right into the a progressive trap by accepting the premises (crime, safety, and hunting), thus stomping on the flaming bag of poo, over and over and over, year after year, decade after decade, and we’re now wrapping a whole goddamed century of it. They have gotten much better in the just the last few years, so we’ll see, but an organization that could have Grover Norquist on its board is highly suspect.

          However, I do believe that a lot of people understand and are unwilling or unable to articulate it. That right there would make a fascinating subject for further study.

  3. As with the majority of government parasites, regardless of party, this jerkoff tries to imply that the Second Amendment it not about the People protecting themselves against the actions of their own government.

  4. Never mind that people buy ‘green tips’ for target practice (which is also a legal sporting activity)- not for hunting.

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