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Guns are like drugs. The addicts don’t see a problem. The sober people over-react. What we need is a culture that doesn’t worship violence. From TV and movies to video games and sports, the “if it bleeds it leeds” media, (Even though crime rates are way down) Americans have a love affair, no, an addiction, to violence. Any attempt to ween them from violence elicits violent outrage. I say, come on climate change! Release that lethal dose of methane in the permafrost and end this. But I tend to be pessimistic sometimes.

Steve Wood
March 11, 2015
Comment to The NRA Wins Again on Armor-piercing Bullets, But Common Sense Was Already Lost
[Wood claims we need “a culture that doesn’t worship violence” yet he desires the extinction of humanity.

Such conflicting statements, even ignoring the spelling errors, are a sign of mental problems. But that is the norm with anti-gun people.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve Wood

  1. Fits right in with the ethics of numerous famous tyrants – kill a person here or there and you’re a murderer. Kill a few million and you’re a great leader.

  2. It’s right on, also, with the Progressive mindset; wishing for mass death as a means of purging the planet of undesirables.

    He apparently can’t see the irony of accusing his political opponents (this is purely political of course) of “worshiping violence” while simultaneously wishing for mass death. I wonder if he believes that the Global Warming-released methane will only kill people he hates while leaving him alive.

    It’s a version of Judgment Day in the Bible stories, isn’t it? Man’s sinfulness (capitalism in this case) will bring about the apocalypse, which will in turn cleanse the Earth of all capitalists or adherents to the American Principles of Liberty, presumably leaving only the pure authoritarians, unopposed for once and for all time, to build their socialist paradise. It fits the model perfectly, doesn’t it? And thus, again, it fits the Progressive mindset in asserting what amounts to an alternate religion, opposed to, for being in direct competition with, the other religions.

    Interesting then, isn’t it, that there are several disparate belief systems now hoping for the coming of some final Judgment Day, each assuming that they are the ones who’ll end up having their vindication and satisfaction?

  3. I say this to all the people that wish for mass human demise or extinction…you first! If you are a misanthrope or a believer in climate change or a member of the religion of peace, why don’t you demonstrate your full commitment to your cause and off yourself first.

    • Indeed. All you have to do is look at Algore’s carbon footprint to form a clear picture of the level of dishonesty practiced by these people.

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