10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bacon @Baconmints

  1. “There are no russian divisions near berlin! Our secret weapons will destroy them!”

  2. Why again are we seeing quotes from this obvious nutjob on a regular basis? It’s not that entertaining, and I’m not a mental health worker, so have no idea of how to help him.

    • Because he gets a direct tweet every time my blog posts his Twitter handle in the post title.

  3. I wonder if he knows that “peen” is a word. I have a several peens, from tiny to fairly large. Peening is an important part of most any sort of mechanical work, including guns– I was peening the hammer cam into place for a revolver just last week.

  4. Paid? I seem to have not gotten my paycheck in the mail. I think he should change that tweet to “paying NRA nutters.” We all know his side is really the paid side. Well, paid or not willing to contribute because they are selfish. They can’t give up any of their personal money, even for something they believe in, unless it’s called a “tax.”

  5. Aw… That’s a robo post. Leftwit clicks all the tick boxes, robot spews a post. “Click here to highlight text.” Copy. Paste. Post.


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