Interesting first day at work

I no longer work in downtown Seattle near Mugme Street. Today was my first day on the job on the Eastside of Lake Washington.

One of the most interesting things was that at various times during the day my boss would introduce me to someone. This included people as high as the “Senior Director” and maybe a V.P. Nearly everyone said something to the effect of, “You’re the guy that likes to blow stuff up!” The director and her husband are probably going to participate in signed up for Boomershoot this year.

Oh. Word got around ahead of me.

Just as interesting are the people I’m working with.

My boss was former military and law enforcement and during the interview a few weeks ago mentioned something about explosives. Taking a chance I said, “I have a license to make high explosives.” I presume this is how word got around ahead of me. Although Bruce (see also here) could have contributed to this some too, since he works at the same place. This sidetracked the interview quite a bit and he told stories about he and some of his cop buddies doing some things with explosives that were more “interesting” (but harmless) than one would normally admit too.

While showing me around today my boss also told me a first hand story of what Black Talon ammo (in 9mm) did to human targets. Because of the over penetration his police department went to Federal Hydra-Shok’s after that.

One of the guys I’ll be working closely with and whose desk is closest to mine is a former special forces guy. He and my boss were telling me stories from survival school when they were in the military.

I’m working on security stuff with some very interesting people. Security Theater is not tolerated in our environment. This should be fun.


13 thoughts on “Interesting first day at work

  1. Congrats on the new job Joe! Sounds like you’re in with a fun bunch. If nothing else I wish you the best of luck in your new position and hope you’ll look back on this job with a laugh and a smile on your face.

  2. Where on the Eastside? My office is near Eastgate. Always looking for an excuse to take a long lunch.

  3. Good ole black talons. I’m waiting for the day the anti’s figure out Winchester Ranger is an improved BT to see what kind of PSH that will generate.

  4. Congrats! Sounds like a good work atmosphere.
    “more “interesting” (but harmless)”?? Inquiring (OK, nosy) minds want to know more. Stripped of incriminating details, of course.

    • There may or may not have been some “railroad torpedoes” configured to explode when dropped from the top of a building when someone might have been drinking.

      I may make a blog post about a story of my own regarding one of these days.

  5. Closest I’ve come to your situation was discovering that a huge percentage of the small company were motorcycle riders, in addition to similar numbers of left-handers. The founder would ride in to do consulting, and then play pool in the break room.

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