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  1. Progressives want America to be more like Europe.

    Then there’s this kind of ignorance (Hellen Thomas) to back up the Progressives’ general ignorance;

    I “occupy” part of the town I live in too, meaning that I bought the property, I live on it and I maintain it at my expense, plus I pay taxes on it. I suppose someone who hated me enough would say that my neighbors are under “occupation” and that my continued existence is therefore an intolerable injustice.

    The situation in the Middle East is a good model, or example, for what happens lots of places, including personal relationships. Politically, it has been successfully reproduced in America, between the “disenfranchised” and everyone else. Progressives love that shit. It’s part of how a society becomes destabilized, and made ready for “Hope and Change”.

    The main enemy of Progressive authoritarianism is reason, and so the problem at hand is to whip up enough emotion (particularly hate, but any emotion will do) such that reason takes a back seat. Then you’re halfway to victory right there.

    And so we come full circle; American Progressives (including Republicans) are not alarmed by what’s happening in Europe, and they’re not alarmed by the mass killing of Christians in the Middle East. It’s all part of the process of Fundamental Transformation.

    • I would not be so generous as to attribute antisemitism, such as that exhibited by Helen Thomas, to ignorance.
      Thanks for the video link. I had seen another from Prager, analyzing in some depth the point made briefly at the end of this one, that the UN has ONE major activity that far overwhelms all other work: antisemitism.

      • Yes, an article from October 2014 is exactly relevant following the events of the past 6 months, particularly the wave of anti-Semitic violence following the Paris attacks in January 2015.

      • Ubu, you expected things to be different? What is it about socialist countries you don’t understand? They don’t want “civilians” to be armed. Only those connected to the .gov can be expected to be “responsible” in the use of firearms. They have very high taxes, and put high costs on what we consider to be normal activities, like getting licensed to drive, and having a personal vehicle. They must be in control of all facets of life.

        For some, apparently basic, reason, Jews generally gravitate toward socialism in their many places of residence around the world. It would seem to be counter to their drive to excel in their personal lives, I think.
        The heavy socialism does drive some of them away from Israel. Back in the early 80’s, I had an Israeli Sabra roommate here in Silicon Valley. He told me he would have had to extend his military service, if he wanted to get trained to drive. He didn’t. I taught him to drive, and helped him get his brand new pickup home from the dealer. He had two degrees in electronics, an engineer’s and a technician’s.

        Ten years later, I worked for an Israeli founded startup. I talked to some of the Israeli temp import engineering types about gun ownership. Some (most?) of them were combat veterans, and they did not comprehend the thought of civilians being armed. They thought the concept was silly. It would seem that “Never Forget” The Holocaust wasn’t a concern for them, since they never really learned anything about the basics underlying how it could happen. Isn’t Progressive style schooling wonderful?

    • Once again ubu creates a handy strawman of what “the gunnies” believe about, well, anything.

    • Yes, and according to your link, “there they can have a gun and shoot back” is strictly true.

      As always, you’re not here for the hunting.

      • Unfortunately Ubu is right, for once. The article is mistaken; Israeli rules on private gun ownership, insanely enough, are apparently far more restrictive than here, perhaps even more restrictive than in uncivilized states like CA or MA. (I don’t speak from personal knowledge or in-depth research, but quoting statements from others who appear knowledgeable.)

        • As I mentioned above, Israeli’s think the idea of the average citizen being armed is silly. Their gun rules are absolutely asinine, especially for a people under siege. Their main worry seems to be loosing possession of guns.
          Part of a cart/horse problem, they discourage training and practice for those few who qualify for ownership, which is why they push the empty chamber carry setup. They are about as competent as you would expect anyone who doesn’t really practice, and didn’t learn as a child. There are videos of security personnel in shootouts. Brave but incompetent. Unable to hit the broad side of a house. This becomes the model in their mind as to what to expect of armed people. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

          • It’s somewhat understandable given that so many of them came from countries where the right to bear arms is nonexistent. And going back to earlier centuries, there were times and places where a Jew could not be armed, on pain of death, though non-Jews were routinely armed then.
            It’s still amazingly unwise.

        • Yes, they are more restrictive.

          But, when taken literally, the statement I quoted is still true, just as it is in MA.

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