Ted declares his candidacy

The Democrats are totally ill-equipped to defeat him. He simply doesn’t fall for their game, and so it will require the combined efforts of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, the American Communist Party, et al, plus Jihadists and other foreign interests, to defeat him. This will be interesting.

The predictable, or rather a common, outcome would be that someone would get to him and convince him (threaten, bribe, cajole, lie, intimidate, mesmerize, etc.) that “For the Greater Good of the Party” he should quit before he does too much damage to the 2016 prospects. That or they primary him right out.


10 thoughts on “Ted declares his candidacy

  1. The MSM has been all about ridiculing Cruz from the day he beat the RINO David Dewhurst. I supported him in the Senate Primary in large part because he WASN’T Dewhurst.

    That said, I agree that “they” will be surprised by Cruz’ polling numbers and an effort by the mainstream political machine GOP to wreck him will be required. It’s conceivable that the events of the next 12 – 18 months signal what could be the end of the GOP as we know it…

    Jeff B.

  2. his greatest threat comes not from the left, but from the establishment northeastern republicans. let the fun begin. john jay

  3. I am of course assuming that ted is what he portrays himself to be – one who understands and upholds the American Principles of Liberty, or, as he and I have both put it, “America’s Promise”. That is a BIG assumption, and one that I must point out is, in light of Party history, unwarranted. It would mean that he opposes most of what government does at the federal level, and that he is obliged to stop it. Seriously; what are the chances of THAT?

    Something else that come to mind is; things are so screwed up that a major upheaval is inevitable. I mean disaster is unavoidable. From the communist point of view then, this is the perfect time to install a true American patriot. Then when things go all FUBAR as they are certain to do, we want it to happen with a true blue American in office so we can then blame the American Principles themselves. See? It’s perfect.

      • When, not if. With a fractional reserve fiat based banking system, the math makes it so. I know you have seen the graph of an exponential curve. When you add interest in a closed system, whereby for every $ you borrow, you must return $ + X%, well then the outcome is predetermined. This conversation is more appropriate on a forum like ZeroHedge, but it is worthwhile one to have.

        Why do you suppose the three dominant monotheistic religions all warn against usury? This stuff has been going on for thousands of years. Think about it, if you could see the forest when everyone else only sees the trees, wouldn’t you take advantage of your position? The wolves know what’s coming, which is why the pillaging and stealing has moved into broad daylight (Pentagon money disappearing, banks getting bailed out while taxpayers foot the bill, Patriot Act, etc. etc.). They are going to take as much as they can, while they still can. Why shouldn’t they? No one is stopping them. And when the going gets tough, they will chase down every tax dollar they can before they let the goose that laid the golden egg die. Take a look at all the bi-lateral agreements away from the U.S. dollar that are taking place (China, Russia, India, Brazil). That should give you an idea of what the future holds.

        I’m not quite sure what the volatile transition period is going to look like, but I know it won’t be pretty. If you are living on social security, a government pension, or you rely other government subsidies to live day to day, it won’t be pleasant. That national debt of ours will not be paid. They never are. Someone is going to be less than pleased about that.

  4. I for one look forward to the Cruz/Bush ticket. Jeb will make a far better Veep than did Algore or Uncle Creepy Biden.

    • Except Jeb would poison the ticket. Democrats will take a known liar and creep, gladly, but the people that would vote for Ted would be turned away by D-bag Bush. I’d probably not touch that ticket. I’m skeptical of Cruise as it is– He says all the right things, but something about him gives me the creeps. If he paired up with Dumbass, that’d be it for me.

      It would serve as final and clinching proof that Ted will drop his principles at the drop of a hat to “get along” and THAT is exactly why this country has gotten so far off track. THAT kind of bullshit must STOP!

      NO! The Progressive wing of the Republican Party must be defeated once and for all, and then Progressivism at large. If Republicans can’t even wipe Progressivism (incremental authoritarianism) out of their own godamn Party they SURE AS HELL aren’t going to wipe it out of America, and so why spend one more second thinking about them if they’re going to continue to suck up to Progressives in their own bloddy Party?

    • Being a better VP than Warmist high priest Algore or room temperature IQ Biden is hardly a tough challenge. Yes, Jeb would poison the ticket.
      I don’t know enough about Cruz yet. It will be interesting to see him in comparison with Rand Paul, who is one of the very few members of congress who seems to have a clue about, and an interest in, Constitutional principles.

      • OK–Cruz/Paul ’16! Now, THAT would get my attention. Hell, it might even convince me to vote!

        (My ideal ticket would be Palin/Nugent simply so I could drift off to peaceful slumber to the sound of Leftist heads exploding, but I’ll take what I can get.)

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