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In what universe is this cartoonist living in? If anything like this were to be true then it would also be true at the gun stores of today. There also have been lots of guns printed and I’m certain nothing like this has happened, let alone the first time a gun was printed.

This guy wants to make people think that only cold blooded killers would want a gun. This, of course, is demonstrably false. But the bigger the lie the more likely is it to be believed.


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    • Yup, a completely finished, assembled, and loaded firearm. Hey, it’s a Star Treck Next Generation replicator! I saw one of those replicate a fully finished, and tuned, Stradivarius violin.

  1. As if people have NOT been making their own firearms for the last five hundred years or so.

    See? This is the game. The enemy makes some idiotic claim, that they know full well is idiotic, and we all pounce on the idiocy, rather than the underlying premise.

    The premise is that no one was ever, ever able to build a gun until now. This is what we’re all supposed to take away, and many people will fall for it; 3D printing is SOMETHING NEW, and a such, well of course the American founders would never have imagined THIS when they drafted the second amendment.

    The reality is that, while 3D printing may be somewhat newish, making your own gun at home is not new at all. So nothing has changed whatsoever in regard to the “doability” of making your own gun. It’s just that now we have one more tool to help in the process. There have been MANY similar advancements. The left apparently missed an opportunity to freak out when CNC and CAD came into their own, because that was probably a much bigger leap than 3D is from CNC. With CAD/CAM you can trade digital files on line. Oogah, Boogah! Freeeeeek out, Man!

    I know a guy in Idaho with his very own, W.W. II era barrel boring and rifling setup in his home shop. He’s pretty good at it too, by all accounts.

    People last week, last year, last decade, and last century could make their own guns at home, and we still can. Are we clear now?

    By the way, the slam-fire, blowback operated submachine gun is one of the simplest repeating firearms ever made. It’s vastly simpler to make than an 1860s Winchester, and I dare say ANY sub par machine shop in any backwater little town in the world could be churning out dozens of them on fifty year old lathes. Freeeeek Out, Man!!!!!!! Hit the dirrrrt!!! Run and hide!!!! We’re all gonna diiiiiiieeeeee!!!! Piss your pants, all you leftist morons. All I’ll do is laugh at you, and then be a little sad that a member of my own species could so amazingly stupid and ignorant, so totally controlled through emotion.

  2. It’s not that he wants to make people think that gun owners are cold-blooded killers, I think it’s also that he really believes that himself. He, and others like him, believe gun ownership is a sign of mental illness. Since the assumptions and contents presented in this comic are absolutely not true, the only conclusion I can make is that he is projecting what he would do. Liberals are a violent bunch…

  3. In Idaho there’s a law that says not only can you make your own guns (which is federal law too) but that the NFA doesn’t apply if the gun is going to stay in Idaho. In fact, no federal laws apply if the gun is made in Idaho and stays in Idaho. Several other states have similar laws.

    For you Progressives (i.e. Ignoramuses) NFA stands for the National Firearms Act (1934). The NFA put a 200 dollar tax on machine guns and short barreled shotguns, effectively banning them (it’s not a ban, it’s a “tax” and so it doesn’t violate the second amendment! So you see, even in 1934 the communist scum under FDR understood the second amendment to protect the right to any and all personal arms, but they of course hated any such protection of human rights and had to do something about them). It’s the first nationwide gun restriction. Before that, Democrats only really restricted guns for black people and only in a few places.

    So anyway, in Idaho you can totally make machine guns and rifles up to one inch in bore, and according to state law the feds have nothing to say about it. No one has tested the law, so far as I know, nor does the law mention any specific mechanism for keeping the federal thugs out, but it IS state law and it was passed before there was any such thing as a 3D printed gun. People have shops, you see. Machine tools. They’re not new.

    (Pssst! Guns have been made by the millions and millions and millions before the 3D printer, even before you were born, but don’t tell anyone!)

    So all you Progressives can simply crawl off, hide in a corner (out of my sight, please) somewhere and piss your pants in fear of the light of day. That would be best for you. You could all get together and have a pants pissing party. That would really show the world how smart and sensitive you are. You could invite all your favorite Alinsky type, radical communist revolutionary, community organizer politicians and government union leaders to piss their pants along with you in solidarity. Solidarity for the pathologically fearful, ignorant and hateful. I think it’s a good idea.

    You could all sing the Solidarity Forever song as you piss your pants in fear of the mean old, capitalist meanies with their mean old guns and their dumb old “Human Rights” and in fear of human ingenuity and productivity.

    Maybe go ahead and do that down in Guyana. They’re lots more Progressive down there I hear (though you don’t even know what the word means) so no doubt they’d welcome you with open arms and maybe even piss their pants right along with you.

    Here’s the deal, see. You hate us, we don’t care about you, so long as you fuck off and don’t get in the way. You want to really, really get in the way though. But we’re the ones with the guns, and with the knowledge and skills, experience, supplies and an attitude and tradition of self reliance. You have none of that. You throw rocks, yell, carry signs, bitch. and shit on cop cars. The balance of force is not in your favor. You should quit trying to pick a fight.

    You leave us the fucking hell alone for once, and there’s peace. Just like that. See? Just like with Israel and the “Palestinians”. Don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin. But instead you lob missiles at us, so to speak. You want to pass more laws limiting human rights. You want the constitution out of your way. What you’re doing is picking a fight. On purpose. You do NOT want a real live fight on your hands, because you know what? You’d totally lose, and lose hard.

    We’ve been extremely tolerant of your horrible shit. We’ve paid your stupid taxes until we’re spent out, and we’ve gone along with your dumbshit “Great Society” welfare programs and your irrational limits even though we knew in advance that they’d never amount to jack shit accept for more dependency and more angry dependents (Democrat voters).

    In a way, we are responsible for you thinking you can get away with this shit forever. You can’t. No one can.

    We’ve been far, far too tolerant. And now our tolerance of your evil is hurting all of us. We should have corrected you fifty years ago, but we let it go, and we let it get really bad, and now the price is going to be much higher, both for you and for us. This won’t end well.

    If I were you I’d start zipping up my dumb fucking mouth, because if there’s going to be a fight you are going to suffer the most, the soonest, and in the largest numbers. You’re weak cowards after all. Self entitled to other people’s wealth and other people’s freedom. That’s been your gig, but it can’t last. You get all pissy thinking you can pull your shit forever, but someone, eventually, has to stop you or you take us all down with you.

    And so we’re piling up the guns and loading up on the ammo. We can see that YOU have been spoiling for a fight, and that you’re not thinking straight about what happens when you actually get that fight. We’ve been so overly tolerant of so much criminality from the enemies of liberty for so long that you now believe that our tolerance is endless. I assure you it is not endless, but you won’t realize that little tidbit of a fact, you don’t have the capacity to realize it, until it’s too late for you.

    Is that plain enough? That’s about as plain as I can put it at the moment. That goes for you Progressive Republicans as much as for anyone else. Maybe more so– you at least should know better.

  4. This is the same sort of lie that is the basis of the “GMO” scare. People have been building guns for centuries. People have been genetically modifying plants (and animals) for much longer than that. But the professional liars have picked one specific technology for each of these and attached a scare campaign to it. There’s no news here, just wall to wall lies.

    • Correction … People have been doing selective breeding of plants and animals for a long time. They have NOT been doing gene splicing to insert the genetic material of, say frogs, into tomatoes, for a long time (as an example).
      There’s a BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE between selective breeding to enhance certain desirable characteristics and creating Frankenfoods. GMOs are the latter, not the former, and they are fucking dangerous.

      • Bullshit.
        The mechanism is the same. The only difference is that the older process relies on random gene splicing done by unpredictable chemical or physical processes, rather than deliberate design. But apart from that, genetic modification is genetic modification. Some produce bad outcomes, some produce good outcomes. For example, the HIV virus and the Y. pestis bacteria were both produced by the older process.
        The notion that the specific process used to do gene splicing makes a difference is a religious cult delusion, not anything remotely resembling science.

      • I forget the name of the company, but someone has a chemical that cause mutations in plant seeds. The chemical is applied and the seed are planted in an environment they want to have better crops. Like low moisture, or certain types of bugs, or resistance to fungus. The mutants that do better are selected and planted again in the same environment. This is repeated a few times and we now have a variety of wheat/peas/barley/whatever that tolerates the new conditions better than any existing variety.

        Is this selective breeding? Yes, but it’s also deliberately changing the DNA. How is this different than splicing in some DNA other than one method selects from a deliberate collection of mutations and the other inserts the “mutation” directly?

        • Exactly. “Frankenfood” is a propaganda term, just like “assault rifle”. Both are terms without a referent, intended to score political points and attack freedom.
          Only the outcome matters. A given organism is benign, or not, according to its properties. How those properties came into existence makes no difference whatsoever. Natural evolution, Mendelian selection, chemical forced mutation and selection, gene splicing, or (SF here) constructing the DNA from whole cloth base by base, those are all just processes that can produce an organism, but the process makes no difference to the nature of the end result — only the resulting DNA does.

          • The point is that putting genes from other species into our foods isn’t something that would happen in nature. It accelerates changes, bypasses nature’s safeguards, and increases the odds of dangerous outcomes. It’s not at all like selective breeding within a species and that’s why they’re referred to as FrankenFoods.

          • Nature doesn’t have safeguards. You’re being misled by greeny mythology.
            As for incorporating foreign DNA, yes, that does happen. Viruses do it, for example. And besides, it doesn’t matter if DNA sequence CGAT… comes from a tomato, a mutation, a virus, or a DNA constructor nanobot; the meaning of the sequence is the same in all cases.
            You’re assuming that “natural” processes are magically constrained to produce only good natural healthy outcomes. That is very obviously not the case. Again, those natural processes produced HIV, and Ebola, and Y. Pestis, and Amanita muscaria.

          • Not just viruses, but archaea and bacteria, too. Only eukaryotes don’t do horizontal gene transfer…but evolved sex as a substitute.

  5. Hey guys! CARTOON! Full Definition of CARTOON

    1: a preparatory design, drawing, or painting (as for a fresco)

    2a : a drawing intended as satire, caricature, or humor
    b : comic strip

    3: animated cartoon

    4: a ludicrously simplistic, unrealistic, or one-dimensional portrayal or version

    Back when Walt Disney first started drawing Mickey Mouse, he didn’t actually see mice running around in shorts and big shoes. There weren’t actually mice driving cars and steamboats.

    The critiques on some of these cartoons are just ridiculous! Cartoons aren’t supposed to be REAL! (The Far Side would be in big trouble if this were true!)

    • ubu …
      There’s a difference between cartoons that use satire to poke fun at things or people, or to allude to political corruption, and cartoons like most of these that are just plain lies from the get-go. The former show wit and creativity. The latter are simply vile attempts at deception through dishonesty and are immoral.

    • Yeah, those dumb Jews in Germany in the 1930s should have dismissed all those cartoons depicting them as rats and dirty criminals. “They’re just cartoons, Man. Lighten up!”

      Taken in total isolation, one MIGHT be able to dismiss that cartoon as nothing more than a joke. But nothing happens in isolation. There has been a generations-long program of misinformation against the armed American, and a generations-long program of legal persecution. There are countless examples of people calling for the death of gun owners, and etc., etc., etc., etc. In THAT context, we see the cartoon for what it is; a political ad.

      As I said before, ubu; you’re doing pretty well given what you have to work with, which is nothing.

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