Rattlesnake Ridge

Barb, Maddy (Barb’s daughter), and I went on a hike up to Rattlesnake Ridge yesterday. It was cloudy and there was some precipitation but not bad. It was about two miles each way with quite bit of elevation gain. Because of the dreary weather I hadn’t anticipated there being any great photo opportunities so I didn’t bring my SLR with me.

The view was nicer than I expected and we took a few photos with our phones:




3 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Ridge

  1. I’ve been there a few times. Great place to hike, just be careful when the rock is wet. Almost every year, someone slips and falls over the edge. As your last picture shows, it is a long way down.

  2. Been up there as well, it’s a nice hike. For more challenge, take two cars & park one at either end of the ridge. Then hike along the ridge for the whole day.

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