Quote of the day—Bob Puharic

The fact is the US has no gun control and the fact is Americans don’t want gun control because they’re largely illiterate on the topic.

Bob Puharic
March 11, 2015
Comment to The NRA Wins Again on Armor-piercing Bullets, But Common Sense Was Already Lost

I consider myself only semi-literate on gun control laws in this country because I haven’t begun to read all of the estimated 20 to 30 thousand laws we have.

Puharic is a stunning example of the Dunning–Kruger effect.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bob Puharic

  1. Hmm, where was this guy when Ted Kenedy was trying to ban 30-30 as AP? Such an astute and “literate” individual should also call for the banning of syringes and push knives as they too can defeat sift body armor…

  2. I’ve known several people who, assuming that the best minds in engineering were slobbering, butt stupid morons compared to them, we’re absolutely certain they were going to build a perpetual motion device. In my youth I myself thought this way for several days.

    It takes a combination of knowledge gained through experience, a fair amount of discernment, a fair amount of open communication, and some honesty, to really know whether or not you actually do see things that other people do not see.

    When it comes to basic mechanics, and audio, I can say with certainty that I have an natural, inherent understanding of things that most people do not have. It is a gift. When it comes to parsing the language I’m also above average. In all other matters I’m mostly average. In social matters I’d probably be consider well below average, being that I don’t mind pissing people off, including my friends, many of whom hate me.

    The problem with such self assessments, as Dunning and Kruger have demonstrated, is that most observers would disagree with them, and so they are largely worthless, EXCEPT that they are the sole reason anyone ever sets out as an entrepreneur.

    You MUST believe that you can provide a product or service better than most anyone else, or that you see an opportunity that others do not see, or you’re not going to have the gumption or initiative to do it. You may in fact be totally wrong in your belief, but the belief must be there or nothing happens.

    That’s the beauty of liberty. Every dumb ass half wit with a foolish idea can go out and prove you and me and everyone else wrong, and make a million dollars.

    When the political power exists to to use force to prevent the dumb ass from executing his foolish plans and getting rich while serving his fellow man, it will ALWAYS be the Bob Puharics of the world, the truly, stunningly, pathologically ignorant, hateful and stupid, who end up running things. And THAT is the sole purpose and goal of collectivism (which is something else I can see, plain as day, that a lot of other people don’t).

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