I was at the bank today while wearing a shirt with this image on it:


As I was finishing up my business the teller and I had a short, off topic, conversation.

Teller: So, how do I exercise my freedom with explosives?
Joe: Once a year I put on a shooting event with high explosives as the target.
Teller: Oh! I thought maybe I would get to throw grenades or something.
Joe: Nope. The permits for those are much harder to acquire.
Teller: I would imagine so. Have a nice day.


3 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. Interestingly the government of Serbia has requested that citizens refrain from discarding of surplus grenades and other munitions in the trash. I do not know about you but the fact that a population anywhere owns excess grenades warms my heart. Just how many grenades are too many ?

    • The ones without a pin are not ones you want to be keeping around for very long. I’m not sure if “extra” is exactly the right word, but…

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