From my ammo depot

I have been doing some organization of my ammo and shooting up the older and small quantity stuff. I noticed the packaging for CCI Mini-Mag .22 LR ammo has changed over the years:


The leftmost is the oldest and the one on the right is the most recent.

On Tuesday I finished off the box on the left. I suspect it was getting close to 20 years old. Every round fed, fired, and ejected without a problem in my Ruger Mark III.


8 thoughts on “From my ammo depot

  1. Hmm. They’re making it harder to read. If the trend continues, you’ll soon need a microscope to read “Mini Mag” and the CCI brand name. Later they’ll have no logo or trade name at all, just the safety warnings and California lead warnings. You’ll be left to guess, based on the shape and type of the box and color of the label, what load you’re getting.

  2. I am down to like 500rd of that old old stuff on the far left, but damn it still works great.

    • Of all the 22 ammo I’ve ever shot, mini-mags have by far been the least troublesome. Just wish you could find some on the shelf these days..

  3. Mini-mags all the way. People often note how different firearms are more accurate with different 22LR rounds. Mini-mags are marvelously consistent and accurate in every 22 I own.

  4. I’ve been using some Blazer that I bought in 1985. Cheap and dirty, but no mis-fires. $9.99 a brick at the time. I wish I got 10 instead of 2.

  5. Similar to Steve, I’ve still got some Winchester Wildcat from 1989 sitting in my stash. Neighbor gifted me some Blazer from 1999 (along with the Henry survival rifle they purchased at the same time.)

    Both types are still more reliable than current production Fed bulkpack and AutoMatch. I save my mini-Mags for special occasions.

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