Quote of the day—Sandra Gonzales

That is beyond disturbing! He should be locked up for child neglect!

Sandra Gonzales
March 9, 2015
Facebook comment on the CSGV page in response to this photo found on Shyanne Roberts Facebook page:


Shyanne, a ten year old competitive shooter, posted the picture with the following comment:

Teee Heee the first shipment of ammo from my sponsor Steel Ridge Ammunition showed up today !! So I decided to forget about snow angels and make an ammo angel instead !

VERY, VERY happy and cant wait to hit the range, thanks so much to the entire team at Steel Ridge Ammunition!

[Would they also want someone laying on a stack of Bibles locked up for child neglect? Or is it just the exercise of Second Amendment rights they find disturbing?—Joe]


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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised, if they thought everything they don’t like should be illegal.

    I don’t think their going after, the 1st is a stretch. These aren’t liberals.

    • They call themselves that, because the word has been stolen by socialists/communists/progressives/fascists (all essentially synonyms) when they needed a new term to hide their intentions. In much of the rest of the word, “liberal” still has its earlier meaning, which nowadays in the USA is called “conservative”.
      Yes, considering the infamous phrase “clinging to their guns and religion” a similar reaction to bibles seems entirely plausible. (But not, of course, to korans).
      Oleg Volk did a nice series of photos poking fun at that “clinging” phrase, with different people and different religious emblems.

  2. Yes, they’d probably say the same thing about Bibles. Sex toys, however, would be perfectly acceptable to the devout Leftist.

  3. No Joe … if she were laying on a stack of bibles, that would not be child neglect – that would be child abuse!

  4. Even at its cosmetic surface, this makes no sense. A happy little girl, a sponsored shooting competitor, comments on the receipt of a shipment of product from her sponsor. Obviously to be competitive enough to be sponsored requires a huge amount of parental support and interaction. Her situation is no different than the scores of happy little gymnasts, ballet dancers, and pianists in the world.

    • It makes no sense to normal, logically-minded people.

      The key difference between Shyanne Roberts and your hypothetical “happy little gymnasts, ballet dancers, or pianists” is that Shyanne uses guns. Including an AR-15 (those ARE .223 rounds she’s swimming in, the lucky young lady!).

      In CSGV’s collective mindset, the phrase “10-year-old competitive shooter” simply doesn’t parse; to them, if a 10-year-old is using an AR-15, it MUST be due to child neglect because no decent parent would OWN an AR-15, let alone let their CHILD touch or (gasp!) use it!

    • This is very, very similar to people being attacked in the Middle East for sending their daughters to school.

      The American left and the jihadists have a common hatred for the human mind.

      And yes, Joe, they would think the same thing about a kid on a stack of a Bibles. The only difference here is that they feel a little more comfortable actually coming out and saying it with regard to guns.

      Algore wants people punished for questioning anthropogenic global warming. The same people want you punished for teaching your kids about guns. This is all part of a long tradition of imprisoning and killing blasphemers.

  5. If she was making condom angels instead of ammo angels, she would already be doing interviews on MSNBC twice a day.

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