Gun cartoon of the day


This is what the cartoonist thinks of supporters of the right to keep and bear arms. They believe we are insane criminals who should go to prison for the crimes of others.


9 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. If they believe that I’m an insane, heavily armed criminal, they must have a death wish. No. Just more nazi-style propaganda.

  2. A few years back someone in South Carolina ran over some people, killing some. Would he draw the same cartoon using Mr. Ford or Mr. Olds? If not, why not, and other than his own familiarity with the device in question, what difference can he explain? Autos are too dangerous; such heavy moving objects should be on tracks so people don’t get run over as much. The argument against any liberty interest can always be made. Too many nominal Americans are too facile in making them for bad reasons.

  3. And when was this published, and by which newspapers? A complaint of ethnic prejudice, insult and discrimination (or whatever the correct Social Justice Whiner terms are) should be used. The term “Scot-free” originated in the border regions of England when the accused could escape to the separate jurisdiction of Scotland and escape punishment. It is therefore no more acceptable in today’s discourse than “to Jew someone down” (in price), or to “Gyp” someone, which refers to the alleged sharp practices of Gypsies, or the many phrases that use the “N word” . It is a measure of the prejudice that that last must be spoken of in euphemisms but the others, not.

    • They have developed a force-field, to protect them from any accusation of bigotry.

  4. Are these the same people who feel the need to warn us not to think of all Muslims as jihadists, and who accuse us of painting all Muslims with a broad brush even though we don’t? You could say something as blatantly obvious as “Yesterday, some Islamic extremists, shouting ‘Allah Akbar!’, shot up a Kosher deli…” an they’ll jump right in with,
    “Whoa there! I’m going to have to take issue with your broad characterization of all Muslims as terrorists…!” They’ll blame the NRA and all of its members if a gun was involved, but radical Islam has absolutely nothing to do with Islam and how DARE you even use the word Islam.

    It’s all very transparent and childish of course, and thoroughly predictable.

  5. This is pure Alinsky style agitprop. And the artist really doesn’t believe it. If people like him really believed that the NRA was a bunch of bloodthirsty killers, they wouldn’t make a peep. These same people don’t even call ISIS or Al-Qaeda or Hamas or Hezbollah terrorists, because they’re opportunistic little cowards.

    I am quite aware that the Party Vanguard consider working-class white Kulaks like me to be subhuman, and perceive people like me as obstacles to the Movement and the Revolution. OLDTHINKERS UNBELLYFEEL INGSOC.

    I’ve given up on voting. I’ve given up on the political process. I, personally, have accepted that there’s going to be another Civil War in this country, and that it’s probably coming sooner than anyone thinks. I’ve accepted it and I’m at peace with it. What will be the spark to touch off the festivities I cannot guess, and what each of us does in the meantime has to be between each of us and our conscience. Like the man says, “Everybody wants to march to the sea with Sherman, but nobody wants to climb onto the scaffold with John Brown.”

    • “If people like him really believed that the NRA was a bunch of bloodthirsty killers, they wouldn’t make a peep.”

      That is an important fact, and it needs to be amplified. You don’t see American Progressives depicting even the worst of the jihadists as the psychotic killers they are, because they’re afraid of them. The fact that they feel comfortable depicting law abiding American gun owners as bloodthirsty is proof that they don’t believe it to be true. They know they’re safe in insulting us. Same goes for Christians and Jews; they’ll make the most outrageous insults of the Judeo/Christian culture and traditions, but leave Islam completely alone and even go out of their way to protect it.

      There is of course another important component to that dichotomy however, and it should not be ignored. It is the partners-in-crime sort of relationship. American Progressives, communists, anarchists, and jihadists all share a lot of their ideology, interests me goals. They all hate the West and they especially hate the American Principles of Liberty.

      So in addition to feeling safe insulting American gun owners, and feeling terrified of insulting Islam, they are in fact soul mates, natural allies, with jihadists and other enemies of Liberty and Truth. This explains why women’s groups and homosexuals remain silent while women and gays are being brutalized and killed by Islamists. Many “Christian” groups are equally silent regarding the mass killing of Christians and even the crucifixion of Christian children. Thus you will know who the true Christians, and the true advocates of women’s rights and the rights of homosexuals are NOT.

  6. At some point, they will have to personally discover just how dangerous we CAN be. Otherwise they will never stop.
    Most people (even crazy ones) don’t mess with rattlesnakes because they know that if they do there’s a high probability that they’ll get bitten.
    We could learn a lot from rattlesnakes. (There’s a good reason they’re on the Gadsden flag.)

    • But remember “sticks and stones may break my bones…”. I’ll ridicule the people who perpetrate this nonsense every chance I get, but so long as they limit themselves to words, that’s as far as I’ll go, and as far as anyone is entitled to go. It is only when they take action to limit our rights (as opposed to merely ranting impotently about it) that a stronger reaction is justified. Otherwise you’re essentially abridging the 1st amendment in an attempt to uphold the 2nd, and that’s not a place I would want to go.

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