Quote of the day—Scott Peterson

Who in their right mind thinks of owning guns as a human right?!

Scott Peterson
March 11, 2015
Comment to The NRA Wins Again on Armor-piercing Bullets, But Common Sense Was Already Lost
[One might conclude that Peterson is of the opinion that the entire U.S. Supreme Court and the majority of the U.S. population should be sent to the psych ward.

If this is true then I would like to suggest Peterson take point on that endeavor and see just who it is that ends up occupying the psych ward.—Joe]


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  1. I guess he prefers the strong to oppress the weak, rather than the weak exercising the natural right of self defense. Sir Robert Blackstone, one of the best known legal minds in western history, recognized the right of self defense as fundamental — and that in England, where the right to bear arms was already significantly infringed when he said so in the 18th century.
    “Even mushrooms understand self defense”.

  2. It’s also worth noting that the *only* reason to complain about Firearms being a human right is if one wants to ban gun ownership from citizens without due process.

    There are plenty of rights the state can take away… after a trial and conviction. But note that bar is too high for Peterson, and that the bar exists at all is crazy to him.

    It’s like when someone complains about the existence of the 2nd. Since that means they either fear current gun laws will be found unconstitutional, or they want to pass new laws that they feel will be unconstitutional.

  3. Are firearms not private property?

    Do I not have a right to own private property?

    And, to take a step further, do I not have a right to the fruits of my labors?

    From numerous conversations with anti-rights activists circling around the “guns aren’t a human right” “argument”, I’ve found the answer to the last question to be the most indicative of their true desires in expressing similar thoughts as Scott up there.

  4. Looking past the bizarre punctuation, let’s answer the unfortunate man’s question.

    “Who in their right mind thinks of owning guns as a human right?!”
    Anyone with any understanding of history. Anyone with any understanding of reality.

    But of course he asked the wrong question. A more proper question would be; Who in their right mind doesn’t think of owning guns (and by extension, self defense) as a human right?

    Some people (and we’ve all met them) view the human race as vermin. It’s not an opinion for them, but an undeniable fact. As vermin, humans have no right to exist at all. Humans are a stain on an otherwise clean and pristine Earth.

    Those who hold such a belief will in fact become incredulous when confronted with the concept of human self defense as a fundamental right. It would be like declaring to someone that the massive rat infestation in his house has a “right to exist”. They see you as insane for even suggestion such a thing. They see you as ignoring what to them is as obvious as obvious could ever get.

  5. “One might conclude that Peterson is of the opinion that the entire U.S. Supreme Court and the majority of the U.S. population should be sent to the psych ward.”

    Don’t expect this majoritarian sort of argument to have any sway at all. What you’re saying to poor mister Peterson is something he’s known all along, that he is smarter and more aware than you and all those other people put together.

    Bill Whittle wrote about this years ago in his excellent piece entitled “Magic”, which starts out, “When I was a boy I saw a Leprechaun…” That Peterson sees something which you and even some of those who are widely considered to be great minds fail to see, is proof to him that he’s better than you; something he’s suspected all along but which you have just proven to him.

    THAT is the Progressive mind, ladies and gentlemen. See it, know it, understand it, and you will see that there is no reasoning with it and no compromising with it. It must be defeated.

  6. I’ve said it before. Take his statement, and replace the word “guns” with “books”, or “Bibles” (or “Korans” or “Torahs”), or “newspapers”, or “food” (especially “bacon”), or “a house/home”, etc.

    Does the statement still make sense? Of course not! Not unless we’re living in some Orwellian nightmare fantasy world!

    Therefore, his conclusion is ridiculous on its face.

  7. Self preservation is the right of every living entity ! From viruses to humans not to fight for your own existence is to not be alive.

  8. friends:

    he asked a question, he deserves an answer:

    william storey, supreme court justice and authority on the constitution
    john jay, first chief justice of the united states of america, co-author of “the federalist papers”
    james madison, president of the united states of america, co-author of “the federalist papers”
    alexander hamilton, founder of the federal bank, co-author of “the federalist papers”
    thomas jefferson, president of the united states of america
    ronald reagen, president of the united stats of america
    the current majority of the united states supreme court
    john locke, english political philosopher
    sir william blackstone, the great compiler of the english common law, to include the magna carta and other acts preserving the right of the public to be armed in their own defense

    several others, to include me, john jay, whitman college, 1970; university of oregon law school, 1977.

    the author of this comment, mr. scott peterson, may take my firearms from me any time he chooses, so long as he can get it out of my hands. i doubt he’ll make it much past the porch.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon, usa

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