Stolen government money

It seems that someone just embezzled three billion dollars from the US treasury. Well, actually, it was some insurance companies, and the Treasury just cut them checks. And it wasn’t authorized by congress. And the treasury told congress to go piss up a rope when they said “you can’t do that!” That story and other bureaucratic contempt for the law here.

The rule of law is dead, unless some pols and appointees start going to jail, or otherwise paying for their crimes against the people.


6 thoughts on “Stolen government money

  1. The rule of law has been dying for about 150 years now, with the process accelerating in the reign of Wilson and FDR. And yes, the process is nearing completion, with Hillary poised to finish it.
    By the way, the title should have been “our stolen money”.

    • No it was government money; they printed it. The theft from us will come when inflation can no longer be staved off by zero percent interest and a stagnating world economy. Then everyone who has savings will be robbed blind.

      • The robbing happens the moment the government creates more fake money. Inflation is a symptom, often delayed, but the absence of inflation doesn’t mean the robbery has not happened.
        Incidentally, the normal state of a healthy economy that runs on real money is a modest deflation. The myth that deflation is bad is a creation of modern fiat money advocates. They use examples of fiat money managed more poorly than usual as “evidence”. To find the correct story, read “Human Action” by Ludwig von Mises. Or “The theory of Money and Credit” (that one is not easy reading; I’m still slogging through it). Both available as free downloads from the Von Mises Institute (along with lots of other good stuff by him and other free market writers like Hazlitt).

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  3. The Republicans have stated that they won’t hold the administration accountable, will not impeach, will not stop them on constitutional grounds, so what do you expect? Essentially they gave the O administration a blank check.

  4. Tree, rope, politician, some assembly required. Stock up on rope, guys, we’re gonna need it. I’d hate to be hung on paracord, but I might not hate to do it to some of them.

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