6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bacon @Baconmints

  1. Bacon@Baconmints thinks he’s a wit, but he’s only half right.

  2. And it looks like the chickenshit coward has a protected twitter account.

  3. Perfect exemplar of projection we have provided for us.

    Coward? And he’s the one with a ‘protected’ twitter account

    And what’s this ‘twist’ this twit is talking about?

    We’re the ones living rent free in *his* mind 24/7

  4. Give him a break. If you accept the generations-long, Progressive campaign of portraying gun owners as backward, stupid, violent, Bible-thumping, sister-humping, white privileged, capitalist (i.e. greedy and thieving) scum, then you’d think the same way.

    You’d also be getting extremely impatient, for if the Bitter Clingers, are responsible for all “gun crime” and “gun deaths” AND they are at the same time standing in the way of the Obama supporters’ vision of a glorious New America of fellowship, “equality”, peace, love, global harmony, intellectual evolution and prosperity, then this is an outrage that has lasted far, far too long already.

    The second amendment supporters, the “Bitter Clingers” are therefore not merely vermin, not merely pests, they are a deadly plague, and the sooner they’re swept from the face of this otherwise clean and beautiful Earth, the better. Justice delayed is justice denied, and so every breath the gun owning public takes is an intolerable injustice.

    Being as the above is the essence of the case that’s been made against the American gun owner (and by extension the American Principles of Liberty themselves) for many decades in virtually all news and entertainment media and in most of the education establishment, can you blame this Baconmints person for being a bit strident, or even a bit psychotic? Our own President and our Attorney General think the same way.

  5. This person has a wonderful command of the #hashtag. How impressive.

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