Rounds in the last month

Here is an update on the total number of rounds I have reloaded:

223.LOG: 2027 rounds.
3006.LOG: 467 rounds.
300WIN.LOG: 1351 rounds.
40SW.LOG: 37670 rounds.
45.log: 0 rounds.
9MM.LOG: 19709 rounds.
Total: 61224 rounds.

This is a delta of 1896 rounds since last month. This is composed of 830 rounds of 40 S&W and 1066 rounds of 9mm.

I still haven’t found any of my favorite pistol powders available. But I found a pound of Longshot on my shelf and another local source had some so I bought a pound from them as well.. I’m working up a load for 40 S&W with it. Even 0.2 grains less than the suggested starting load gives higher velocities than what I really want. I’m getting 1047 fps with Montana Gold 180 grain JHP for a Power Factor of 188 when I really want a PF on the order of 175. I may reduce the seating depth and see if that helps. I was able to order eight pounds of ETR7 which I’m hoping works out okay. If so then that should keep me in business for quite a while.


6 thoughts on “Rounds in the last month

  1. Interesting, never seen that powder before. Wonder who makes it for them and how they could be “overstocked”?

  2. My re-loader and I each scored an 8# keg of Unique from one of his sources. We each also got 28# of an oddball rifle powder that we are playing with. It is a triple-base powder that was/is apparently mfg’d especially to light tracer rounds – both in 5.56 and .308. Has slightly lower velocity then other powders in those rounds and is apparently a little overly sensitive if a compressed charge is used, heh, heh.

  3. Forgot to ask, what press(es) are you using – Dillon, Hornady, RCBS, Lee? I assume that you have progressive or two to get those numbers.

  4. I picked up a pound of the ETR7 from some guys in Nampa. It’s apparently imported from Spain. Loaded up 100 9mms (4 grains behind 124 gr RN) and took them to the range last week. Runs my G34 fine, recoil a bit more snappy than my previous reloads (Blue Dot) as the ETR7 is presumably a faster powder. Nothing to complain about, I will be getting more.

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