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When the government has a dog of a case, someone has to draw the short straw and argue it. In Henderson v. United States, Assistant to the Solicitor General Ann O’Connell drew that straw. It seems clear that the Court will side with petitioner Tony Henderson – a felon seeking the right to sell or otherwise dispose of firearms that he owns but can no longer legally possess. In offering concession after concession and various fallback options, the government offered a case study in controlled implosions.

Richard M. Re
February 25, 2015
Argument analysis: A controlled implosion
Via Firearms Policy ‏@gunpolicy
[As we build a stronger and stronger foundation of case law more and more of the unconstitutional firearms laws and regulations will result in these sort of implosions. They are defending a house of cards and ultimate nearly all of it will fall to the fundamental principles.—Joe]


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  1. Reading the analysis was, even though it is a short piece, brutal. It reminded me of the court cases I’ve been involved in. Common sense actually does make tentative appearances from time to time, and is met with attempt after attempt to beat it down like a dog in the hope that it will eventually give up out of fatigue.

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