7 thoughts on “I’m easy

  1. Where is Barb’s evidence?

    No, wait — on second thought, I don’t really want to know.

  2. Joe, I honestly didn’t think the interview was going to happen so quickly, and since I was watching the baby I didn’t have much time to prepare questions.

    Turns out you needed almost nothing to get all the information out that I wanted for the segment, so yeah, it was REALLY easy, and we all think it came out REALLY well.

    Also I don’t know what you were using for audio equipment, but it sounded really good too.

    • That’s what happens when you interview someone that a) knows what he’s talking about, b) has the facts on his side of the debate, c) has a lot of experience explaining technical subjects to non-technical audiences, d) is interested in honesty, not obfuscation, and e) doesn’t have any hidden agenda.
      Please note that none of these apply to the anti-gun-rights personalities.

      • He also knows a thing or two about audio, and having worked with electronics doesn’t hurt either, nor does his experience with the English language. So yeah; Weerd picked the right man for the job, so his selection process must be given credit also. He could have hit up someone for their good looks instead ; ) It happens you know.

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