10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bacon @Baconmints

  1. Perhaps it’s the vibe you’re giving off: you start off as a jerk, so the gun owner responds in kind. Or, you could be making the whole thing up, mostly having never met a gun owner……

    • What gun owner will self-identify to a complete jerk of a douchebag in the first place. The only gun owners he thinks he’s ever met are the criminals depicted on TV, the media’s construction of George Zimmerman, and Denny Crane from Boston Legal.

  2. I forgot this one!

    Here are so many, you may need to do multiple ones every Monday, Mr Huffman.

  3. I find it telling that, for the most part, the people with guns are reasonable and the vocal anti-gun ones are slinging insults. My position is simple: I have a gun, so what? Leave me alone. Sheesh!

  4. If baconmints thinks the criteria for being a “douchebag” is whether or not one owns a gun, then baconmints is right and we are all douchebags. We could be best friends up until the revelation of gun ownership, at which point we are reclassified from bff to douchebag. However, I find urbandictionary.com to be THE source for this type of thing (defining “douchebag,” in this case) and there are no entries indicating that gun ownership makes one a douchebag. My point to all this: they care not for facts; they only care for delusional opinions and name-calling because they are such simple-minded folk. But I’m preaching to the choir and we already know this about them.

  5. Substitute “gun owner” with some other group and see how it reads.

    All of that stuff is the distraction, and to address it is to fall for it. The important thing is that enemies of Progressive authoritarianism be put down as sub-human. Obviously that goal has been reached in some quarters.

    • It is a distraction, so I will only preach here to the choir, but Bacon-brains is incorrigible, and no amount of reason, logic, persuasion or rhetoric will convince a mind of something he was not reasoned into having in the first place, so I pray for BB to have a Road to Damascus moment, or a major stroke, whichever is easier to accomplish nowadays.

  6. An old saying came to mind as I read “Baconmints” comment… “It takes one to know one…” :-b

  7. I suspect the reality is more like “The next gun owner I meet will be the first.”

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