Quote of the day—A. Barton Hinkle (@ABartonHinkle)

Rights, including the right to own firearms, do not need to explain themselves, and the bearers of rights do not need to justify the exercise of them. That is the very definition of a right. The burden of proof more properly rests on those who want to take rights away.

A. Barton Hinkle (@ABartonHinkle)
December 28, 2014
Opinion/Commentary: Gun-control advocates often lack firepower of facts
[Via email from Richard Feldman.

I have nothing more to add.—Joe]


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    • It’s a truth they have hated since at least the days of Teddy Roosevelt and Woody Wilson. They want “rights” to be something they make up at a whim, and change at a whim. “The living constitution” is one phrase that describes this nightmare. It never seems to occur to them that the whim that’s in power might not be their whim. I think Trotsky made the same mistake about Stalin’s whims. Reminding these fools of Trotsky’s fate might be useful.

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