Rounds in the last month

Exactly one month ago, on January 6th, I reported on the number of rounds I have reloaded. Here is an update on the number total number of rounds:

223.LOG: 2027 rounds.
22LR.log: 0 rounds.
3006.LOG: 467 rounds.
300WIN.LOG: 1351 rounds.
40SW.LOG: 36840 rounds.
45.log: 0 rounds.
9MM.LOG: 18643 rounds.
Total: 59328 rounds.

The change is all in .40 S&W. Last month it was 34,941 compared to the 36,840 for a delta of 1,899 (I lost one primer). This compares to an average of about 250/month in the previous 18 years.

I’ll soon be running out of .40 S&W bullets and will then switch over to 9mm until I run out of powder. Then I probably will move on to .300 Win Mag while I search and wait for pistol powder.

GunBot Reloading Powder is my friend.


7 thoughts on “Rounds in the last month

  1. I lucked out at a gun show in Cheyenne recently. Snagged several pounds of HS6 at an ok price mostly because I think no one knew what it was (Hodgden repackaged Win 540)

  2. I have no affiliation other than looking for something like them for a couple years.
    Dense pack whitebox ammo packaging.
    7.62 X 51 20 ROUND BOX
    7.62 X 39 30 ROUND BOX
    5.56 X 45 30 ROUND BOX
    9MM 50 ROUND BOX
    40S&W 50 ROUND BOX
    45ACP 50 ROUND BOX
    380ACP 50 ROUND BOX

    I need to get some of the 357 boxes for my new level habit.

    Seriously nothing but a happy customer.

  3. “I’ll soon be running out of .40 S&W bullets…”

    Maybe you needs a lead pot, lube sizer, “M” die, and a mold or two, plus of course some lead and whatnot. With the right powder, sizing and lube, you should be able to make major with a cast load that shoots cleanly.

    The extra benefit to consider would be the additional level of independence that comes from making your own bullies. The big trade off, as in most such things, is in the extra time involved, but if you find it enjoyable it might could replace some other, less productive form of entertainment and in that case it’s all pay-off.

    • That is quite interesting but at this time I think a better use of my time is to assemble ammo from commercial components, go the range, and keep my firearm skills up to date.

  4. Expansion Industries ETR-7. A local guy started selling this. It started a bit pricey ($100/4#, $30/1#). The price has dropped. It’s smokier than some of my other powders, about on par with Bullseye or Titegroup. But standard deviations are very low as long as you aren’t trying to make minor PF ammo with 165g bullets or something.

    You can find some chrono data on this at Benos, half of which is mine actually. It’s not my top pick for powder, and I’d need to do some ransom rest training before making it match powder. But it’s plenty good for training, which lets me save the good stuff for matches.

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