The derp is strong with this party

Now that the Republicans control both Houses, they’re asking for money to “fight” the Democrats. I get multiple pleas from them every day, asking for money.

I didn’t know it took a constant in-flow of money for a representative or a senator to do the right thing, that without said constant flow of money they’d…what?– They’d still be caving, capitulating, and expressing disdain and disgust toward their liberty-minded base? This is an interesting phenomenon. So money = courage, principled stands and moral fortitude? I did not know that.

It would be vastly more principled and honest of them to come right out and say, “We’ll support this specific bill and get it pushed through for this specific price. We’ve already received this percentage of our price, and so can you spare a hundred bucks? And by the way; if our price isn’t met, we’ll of course keep your money anyway and use it for things WE want instead.”

Or is it that they intend to buy gold with my donations, place gold bricks in a leather bag, and beat Democrats up ‘side the head with it? That would at least make some kind of sense, but then why not use a plain, clay bricks, or some rocks? Why gold, particularly? A hickory axe handle can work wonders, and it only costs a few dollars.


15 thoughts on “The derp is strong with this party

  1. Here in NV, the 2014 elections saw the Republicans win the governorship and both houses of the legislature for the first time since 1928. So what is their big public policy initiative in the session that started today? Raise taxes. Including two taxes that were on the ballot as initiatives and were rejected.

    • Well there you have it– they need more money and power to fight big government, which means raising taxes, working closely with Democrats on bi-partisan bills, keeping those stupid teaparty types in check, and expanding current programs and creating new ones. Jeeze.

        • So far as has been observable, once a Republican is elected, if not before, he must have a nose ring installed so he can be led around by his betters in the party, so it doesn’t matter. The party as constituted will prevent any “teapartyin'” a goin’ on, so you Progeressive communists are still quite safe from justice, for now. Don’t be a worryin’ in yer pretty little head.

          • When the time comes to worry, ubu, I’ll let you know, which means you’ll be among the first.

        • Some but there is a majority of RINOs and Dems supporting Governor RINO. What may save us is that it takes 2/3 to raise taxes.

    • This situation is what the phrase “A pox upon both your houses!” is made for.

  2. after many years of supporting the repubs i’ve told them to take a hike on all the money raising stuff.

    “i’ll be brave if you give me money” has gotten very very tiresome, especially given that they are not brave if you give them money, but, craven at best and hand in glove w/ the demos at worst.

    to hell with the republicans.

    john jay

  3. Y’all do know that the parties sell appointments to the various legislative committees and that without a committee membership, your legislation goes nowhere? The committee members make back the price of the seat through inflated speaking fees at events given by the people and companies affected by their legislation. Ancient Rome was never able to stop this once it started. How do we?

  4. Gold, being dense and malleable, is a superior material to put in a poke and cudgel someone with compared with a conventional clay brick. Having said that, lead ingots are are also dense and malleable, and they are much, much cheaper.

    • There’s a new “archaeology” show with a fellow named Joshua Gates. In one episode he’s searching for loot buried by the James gang.
      He hooks up with a band of hi-tech treasure hunters, and with their assistance, finds a buried ingot in a rocky outcropping… turned out to be an old lead ingot from Lyman.

      • Bullet metal ingot?! Counts as treasure to me…

        I get real happy when I find one of the ones I’ve misplaced.

        • Totally off-topic, but I once found a Lyman ingot of un-specified lead-like alloy for sale in an antique store, of all places, for several dollars per pound, whereas you can get certified pure lead for two dollars any day of the week. I guess it was “antique lead”, and therefore was more valuable than the ingots of known alloy from an identical mold that I drop regularly as a bullet caster.
          OK; if derp is the topic, that’s on-topic.

  5. When I get calls for donations to the Republicans, I ask why they are calling a phone number that is listed on the national and state “Do Not Call” lists.

    They respond, of course, that political calls are not bound by the rules of the “Do Not Call” listings.

    Then I tell the callers we have one obvious problem they need to address before I’ll consider donating anything to them. Most at least chuckle. Some get upset. Either way I think I make my point.

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