For the ‘Save the children’ Progressives

Bill Whittle brings the facts;

You decide. Would you rather raise your children in Democrat controlled-since-the-Stone-Age, Detroit, or in Gun Nut Central, Plano, Texas?

(Hat tip Kevin Baker)

Would you rather more places be more like Detroit, or more places be more like Plano? There are causes and effects involved here. Are you interested in cause and effect, or are you more interested in furthering the Progressive agenda?

If you’re interested in “saving the children” the answer is fairly simple, and yet you’ll reject it out of allegiance to your political agendas. Therefore you’re not interested in saving children, QED, and no one should listen to you. You’re interested in something else entirely, and it isn’t pretty, or noble, or based on compassion or understanding.

I’ve often criticized the use of statistics, when asserting the principles of liberty takes back seat, and I will likely continue to do so. This bit from Whittle however will be very useful in the sentencing hearings of Progressive operatives who’ve been depriving people’s rights under color of law. One of those rights being deprived is the right to protect one’s children using a gun, and a very high death rate has resulted from that deprivation. Progressives are killing people at an astonishing rate, right here, right now.

Save the children; get a gun. Save the children; defeat Progressivism and relegate it to the dust bin of an ugly history. Save the children; advance the American Principles of Liberty.

ETA; There can be no “getting along”, or making nice, or living with, an idealogy that violates human rights on a wholesale level as a matter of national policy. Practicing Progressivism is in fact a crime, right now. All of it. It’s a violation of everythig America stands for and a violation of the constitution, and it’s perpetrators should be dealt with accordingly. The only question left is; are we going to it the easy way or the hard way?


2 thoughts on “For the ‘Save the children’ Progressives

  1. (again; crickets)

    This is very telling. It’s just that I don’t rightly know WHAT it’s telling. I post on a frivilous subject like the speed of my iPad’s typing input response, and get a relative torrent of comments, or ubu or some other troll can say something stupid and spark a hundred thousand words in response, but I attempt to cut right to the chase on life and death subjects involving the Bill of Rights in America, on a gun blog, and……goose egg.

    I’m not complaining, mind you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking so, or you’ll miss the point. I was actually excited to see zero comments this afternoon. It’s joe’s blog and so I don’t have the kind of personal interest in traffic that he would have, and as far as attention goes, I have too much of that already, most days, to ever be tempted to go looking for it (my job mostly involves talking to people all day about things that they and I like).

    I’m learning something here. I have a few theories, but I don’t yet know what it is for sure. The process is fascinating. And please don’t respond because of this comment where you would not have responded otherwise. That would ruin the experiment, see.

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