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  1. Hey, maybe she meant “bang guns”, and got too excited to type properly? [/irony]

  2. What a super genius. There is just so much to unpack out of those six uncapitalized and under-punctuated words.

    We must hear more about these ideas of hers. I’m sure her views on wearing underwear on the outside to cut down on laundry expenses deserves much attention. Surely, she must have some deep insight into the fields of space exploration and neurosurgery as well.

  3. I feel so stupid now. The solution was right there, all along. How could so many of us be so blind to it? Ban guns. Done. Just like that, and peace and happiness follow, for the rest of our lives. Yep, that there is a cause I can get behind…..


  4. Yes! “ban guns” because she’s never felt intimidated by a large unarmed man.

    • Or one armed by a weapon that’s not a gun — a baseball bat, a crowbar, a knife, a piece of rope…

  5. The truly amazing thing about this revolutionary idea — “ban guns” — is that it’s never been tried before! (What were we all thinking?)

    Had someone, somewhere, had this genius idea before, we could, like, see how well it worked. But since it never HAS been tried, we can just take Sonia’s word for it, right?

    What’s that? You say it’s been tried many, many times, and has been catastrophic for individual liberties and safety nearly every time? Oh. Never mind, then.

    • Yes indeed; we just commemorated the 70th anniversary of the best known example just two days ago.

  6. Sonia doesn’t have an idea. The idea has Sonia.

    That’s an important distinction because it acknowledges the fact that ideas can be and are planted in us by outside interests, and so we can be used as unwitting surrogate parents for those ideas. It’s a form of psychological rape, or predation, wherein we can be used to incubate and nurture someone else’s evil intent, thinking all along that it’s our own progeny, loving and protecting it accordingly. We usually just refer to it as manipulation, which it is, but the consequences are at the same time subtle, deep, and globally catastrophic.

    Such is the role of public “education” and government media for example, though it happens on the personal level and all other levels.

    No one wants to believe that they’re being manipulated, tricked into shilling for interests other than their own, and that makes the process much easier– Once you’re infected with someone else’s ideas and emotionally attached to them, you’ll be extremely protective of the infection. You’ll nurture it, protect it and advance it as though it were your own child. You’ll make sacrifices for it.

    Once so infected, whenever anyone espouses the principles of liberty, you’ll “see right through it” immediately as an attempt to further someone’s self interests, or “special interests” (gun owners for example, or business, or property rights) “at the expense of global harmony and prosperity”.

    Arguably, you have at that point become a flesh-eating zombie of a sort. It can happen to the best of us, when we least expect it, and it is largely impossible to talk a flesh-eating zombie out of being a flesh-eating zombie. First, the implanted “virus” would have to be removed, and how do you do THAT? Next, the severe damage caused by the virus has to be repaired, and how do you do THAT? It’s extremely hard on the zombie and it’s extremely hard for everyone else. That’s the problem, but I don’t have the answer.

    • “Of course”, says the authoritarian, “and so ‘We’ must ban swords altogether” followed by the emotional plea; “Think of the children.” And thus some people are programmed to ignore the fact that that leaves the law-breakers and the tyrants as the only people having swords (which was the intent all along).

      The deadly lie survives and grows via the lever of emotion. Emotion is the tool by which we are seperated from reason and conscience. It is the nose ring by which we are led to the packing house. If you see someone having emotional reactions when their “children” (the ideas planted into them) are being challenged, you know for certain what you’re dealing with – a zombie. Now it is perfectly common for people to have emotional ties to libertarian ideas, and that is why I’ve been saying that it is possible to do or say the right things for the wrong reasons. Why this is important is because when you see someone very emotionally entwined with libertarianism, THAT is someone who can be truned against you on a dime. They have the nose ring, and anyone can take hold of it if they know how. All Republicans, for example, have the nose rings attached before they even get sworn into office. It’s party policy. “Here, Mister Speaker; have a cocktail and forget about it…”

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