Quote of the day—Catalina Kelly

The families blamed Bushmaster for creating an aura around its model XM15-E2S that allegedly empowered the shooter, giving him the ability to perform like a solider in the theater of war.

Catalina Kelly
January 23, 2015
(CT) Remington pushes Newtown lawsuit to federal court
[While a bit of exaggeration there is more than a little truth to this.—Joe]


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  1. I’m sorry, I don’t get it. Where do you see truth in that statement? I looked all over and found none.
    “Empower” is a leftist cult term, when you see it you can be pretty sure that what it’s attached to is propaganda without any connection to truth or reality.

    • au·ra:
      1. An invisible emanation or field of energy believed to radiate from a person or object.

      The truth is that the families claim Bushmaster is capable of creating an aura around an object which empowered an ordinary person to become soldier like. If Bushmaster is capable of this then why aren’t the families capable of casting a protection spell around all schools?

      Oh! That’s right. They tried that with “gun free zones”.

      Maybe what the lawsuit is really about is that the families believe Bushmaster has more competent wizards than the schools and they want Bushmaster to “share the wealth”.

      @Paul, does that help with what I meant by “some truth” in the quote?

      • Oh, I see. So the truth being reported is that the lawyers in question are delusional. And their clients as well, assuming — quite a stretch — that the lawyers are telling the truth about their clients’ motivations and beliefs.

      • Oh, come on. A secondary meaning of “aura” is “mystique”… that is a concept associated with something.

        • How does mystique empower “the shooter, giving him the ability to perform like a solider in the theater of war”?

  2. If your mind is fragile enough to believe advertising hype, yeah, you got mental problems. Sadly, a lot of people do.

    • And when there are deep pockets to be emptied using the coercive force of government, you’ll “believe” even more stupid crap. In fact you’ll be converted to a blithering idiot AND a scumbag criminal. Welcome to the subset of the authoritarian system known as Jackpot Justice. It’s a well-entrenched industry, complete with its own political lobby, conventions, schools and culture.

      • Have firearms companies started making their pockets shallow, the way some other prone to be sued businesses have? I.e., don’t carry insurance.
        If I were in the business, I would include “Uninsured” in my formal company name, the way a famous parachute manufacturer does.

    • I recall reading once that medieval monks would whip and scourge fruit trees that did not produce enough fruit. This was in an article that said that insect damage or cuts to the bark tended to increase fruit tree production. So, in a pre-scientific era where people could observe phenomena, punishing a tree for not producing fruit which thereafter produced more, the idea of a deodand made a certain amount of sense. I was going to say, “nowadays, of course, , ,”, but humans haven’t change so much in a mere 600 years.

  3. the way I read Joe’s statement… it was not that Bushmaster “can” do this so much that the poster clearly state that they “believe” it. And that appears to be true under your basic “standard of proof” when it comes to dealing with the anti-gun.

    They truly “believe” the above statement to be true… one of the many reasons we find it so hard to “reason” with them… this is not a little truth… this is TRUTH to those on the other side…

  4. And of course, in the hands of a soldier the same AR system is a piece of near junk that is so fragile, so poorly concieved and so tempremental that it is sure to fail when he needs it most, and in so doing it will get him killed.

    That of course makes the manufacturer doubly guilty in the court of the insane – the court ofJackpot Justice. The thing makes ultra-deadly super-soldiers out of ordinary, ignorant punks, and fails in the hands of trained soldiers.

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