6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Severine Lee‏@SeverineLee

  1. If they would simply ban crime, then no one would be able to break the law, right? Why don’t they ban crime? What are they waiting for?

  2. Uh, didn’t the Land Down Under just suffer through a similar shooting/hostage event, in a country where guns are much harder to come by? My suggestion to the Aussie commentator – STFU about our affairs here at home.

  3. Whatever the malady, the cure is always the snake oil the statists are selling. Ever more powerful, intrusive, burdensome and unredressable government

  4. I find there is a strong parallel between the argument for gun control and the argument for restricting speech and privacy (i.e., bad people will use the freedom in bad ways)

    Eben Moglen was asked a related question regarding encryption and privacy of online communications at Linux.conf.au:

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