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What a festival of disturbing, unbalanced, one-issue low IQ retards.

January 15, 2015
to Hundreds at Capitol protest new gun-purchase background checks
[This in regards to the I-594 rally in Olympia. This is what they think of you.

I would like to suggest they just keep on thinking that. Delusions are often functional right up to the point where reality obliterates them.—Joe]


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  1. Do you think they want to continue to allow “unbalanced, one-issue low IQ retards” to continue owning guns of any type?

    I wonder if they’ll tailor the “universal background check” procedure to weed out “unbalanced, one-issue low IQ retards.”

    BTW: I thought “retard” was too offensive to use in situations outside of automotive timing.

    • Allen is on the right track. You first must translate the
      Left-Speak to English;
      “What a festival of disturbing, unbalanced, one-issue low IQ retards.”

      Disturbing = anything that challenges the leftist/Progressive/communist/Fascist/authoritarian narrative.

      Unbalanced = containing no leftist/Progressive/communist/Fascist/authoritarian assumptions.

      Low IQ = conservative/libertarian, i.e. adherence to American principles of liberty.

      Retard = anti communist, anti Fascist, anti Progressive, anti authoritarian, i.e. American.

      So the the quote is very redundant. But we could put it into English thusly;
      “What a festival of Progressive-challenging, non Progressive, one-issue conservative/libertarian Americans.”

      Thus we find that, once translated into English, it’s not really insulting at all. And it quite correctly recognizes that when it comes to politics there is one primary issue – liberty. Without liberty, none of the other so-called issues have much meaning or importance at all.

      So we see now that, far from being the mind-numbed, scum-sucking authoritarian cannon fodder he appears to be, user1089750 is actually quite perceptive. Don’t knock him for having a quirky way of expressing himself.

    • You may be right, she could have been talking about Brian Williams’ daughter’s scene in the Lena Dunham travesty.

  2. Can’t get more single-issue than “Guns=Bad” – which is what the truly enlightened like this genius think. Funny, I thought it was pretty much the low-IQ voters (antis and gunnies alike) that voted for this atrocity. And in fact, it’s on video record that the leaders of the anti-gun groups actually **depend** on low information voters to push their agendas – they’ve said it for the record.

  3. One issue voters are dangerous. They ignore party, they don’t need to weigh the issues, they don’t need to build a coalition.

    • They apparently don’t need to read the initiative either. I would bet in Las Vegas that a tiny percentage of voters even read the stupid atrocity in its entirety. I guess they just had to pass it to find out what’s in it. That is the ultimate in stupidity.

      I still say we should offer an initiative in Washington with a pretty title that would have all Democrats rescind their voting rights if passed. I can hear the squeals even now when they get duped.

  4. dear “user1089750”:

    let me introduce you to a fellow “… one issue retard … .”

    his name was james madison, author w/ alexander hamilton and john jay of “the federalist papers,” the authoritative treatise on the constitution. and, author of “the bill of rights,” to include the second amendment.

    if you can read, (which i assume you can as you can write), have recourse to “the federalist papers” for hamilton, jay and madison’s views on gun ownership. i can assure you that they are precisely as mine, and that madison supported gun ownership as a bulwark in the defense of liberty against encroaching government and/or cabals.

    since your strong suit probably isn’t history, know that madison was 4th president of the united states, secretary of state under jefferson, and delegate to the constitutional convention in which he was a very influential participant. that is but a brief parsing of his career.

    so, as a “one issue retard” i share fellowship w/ james madison, who drafted the 2nd amendment, (and was a major factor in the ratification of the same as amendments & their adoption.)

    and, as a gun grabber no nipples dipshit, you share fellowship with fellow gun grabbers adolph hitler, joseph stalin and mao. not to mention fidel castro. in summation, eat shit.

    john jay

  5. I may not be purely a single issue voter, but the right to be armed is a diagnostic issue that reveals a great deal about those who oppose it.

    • I’m definitely a one issue voter. The one issue is liberty. Those who oppose liberty, by definition, advocate the official, wholesale violation of civil rights. So yeah; that’s a pretty obvious litmus test. The problem is I haven’t been able to find liberty on any ballot.

      Maybe we need a catch-all ballot initiative in Washington State. The entire text of the initiative (aside from the preamble) would be one word; “Liberty”, and you’d be able to vote “Yes” or “No”. How about it? I’d even be willing to make a huge compromise and have the text amount one or two full sentences. Who’s in?

      • Real liberty, terrifies them. They would just read “liberty” as “free stuff”.

    • You’re exactly right. Neil Smith wrote a nice essay about this: http://www.lneilsmith.org/whyguns.html . If any of you have not yet read this, please do so — it’s short and very clear.
      I’ve used in in recent elections to sort candidates: I simply send them a question on policy that uses this principle, and vote or not for a candidate based on what answer I get.

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