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Frankly I don’t really care what the bill says.  If it all impedes the manufacturing, sales, ownership, transfer, etc. of guns I’m in favor.

January 15, 2015
Comment to Hundreds at Capitol protest new gun-purchase background checks
[The “bill” being commented on was initiative I-594 in Washington State.

I’ll do my best to make sure this is used as evidence against them at their trial.

Don’t ever let someone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. That is possibly the most truthful statement ever made by a human rights opponent. In it we begin to see the motivation BEHIND all the caring and compassionate-sounding, faux-intellectual rationalizations, and all the various attempts at associating gun ownership with criminal violence; pure spite.

    Hatred. Hatred is its own justification too– If your are hated, you are obviously hatable. When Progressives or jihadists hate, it’s all about the object of hatred rather than the hater. Being hated is its own indictment against you. We must understand what it is about YOU that makes Progressives and jihadists hate you, because their hatred, in and of itself, proves that there is a good reason for their hatred.

  2. Perhaps when offering testimony on a bill, we should present these statements from supporters of the bills. With all the claiming of “it’s for the children”, and “safety”, and “common sense”, and all other forms of good intentions, maybe we’d have a chance of swaying the intentions-over-logic crowd by documenting precisely what the intentions are. Peel off the thin veneer of noble enlightened lies they tell themselves and make them look at the vile cesspit of primitive tribal warfare against their chosen Other underneath.

    • Perhaps. It’s difficult to even discuss such things. You will notice that in my comment above I offer no advice, or even thought or suggestion, regarding tactics. My only endeavor is to see more clearly that which we face.

      In the run up to the ’08 election, lots of evidence was presented, revealing Obama’s idealogical background and associations. That evidence, along with several of Obama’s own statements, was absolutely, positively damning. He won that election and the one after (though it is true; he had no serious opposition).

      The prerequisite to solving any problem is to see it for what it is, and that alone is a huge hurdle. Once the hurdle is crossed, the solutions, for what were previously considered to be complicated, frustrating and even insurmountable problems, begin to present themselves.

      We are herein delving directly into the essence of the ancient struggle of allegiances (to good and evil if you will). Allegiances are hard to break, no matter the absolute nature of the evidence. In fact, once presented with the straight-up proof, it seems that those already allied with evil are often reinforced in that allegiance.

      If you understand only one, simple thing, that allegiance to evil either in whole or in small part, comes through emotion, you’ll be ahead of the game.

      Emotion is the lever that separates us from objectivity. NO ONE escapes it unscathed. So probably the biggest and most widely embraced lie of all time is that strong emotion is the essence of humanity. In fact it will kill you, and cause you to kill.

      • Ha! Lyle, the mere fact that you question these haters is indicative of your inherent evilness! Putting up a defense in the face of our obvious evilness is further evidence – if we weren’t evil, we’d just roll over. And the fact that at least some of us are willing to defend our rights with armed force: well that’s just over the top evil. Washington, Jefferson, Paul Revere, John Hancock…. all rotten to the core.

        • Pretty much, though I’m learning not to be concerned about what crazy people think. It’s enough to know what motivates them, what they think and how they operate. Just understand that you’re going to insulted, maligned, impugned, set up, framed and attacked, most especially so the more right you are, and you have to be OK with all that. If you’re right AND you stand up, AND speak out, AND you’re gaining traction in public, then you’re target number one.

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