Quote of the day—Yung Basedgod @BitchmobBoi

Ban all the guns cause they killing people
Ban all the weapons cause they killing people
Ban all the guns cause they made from evil

Yung Basedgod‏ @BitchmobBoi
Tweeted on December 24, 2014
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Yung Basedgod @BitchmobBoi

  1. Yes, we hear from one of the more eminent and deep thinkers from the other side of the ongoing Second Amendment conversations. An aspiring poet, I believe as well…

    On second thought, possibly a run through Google Translate?

  2. I had the evil removed and substituted malevolence on all my firearms.
    I find they cycle longer between cleanings that way.

  3. If you are incapable of speaking proper English, you aren’t likely to be taken seriously.

    (Translation for our subject: Yo, money, ya gots ta lay it down smooth and proper, else y’all ain’t gettin’ no respect, nomsayne?)

    • That is unless the author has applied for and obtained a Poetic License. Shakespeare had one of those, and, for his time, did mangle the language to some extent, the word “Duke”, for but one example, having been used as a verb. We accept it now because it’s old, and the device has been adopted into the language. Now we might get away with saying that someone has been “Obamaed”, meaning that they were lied to, attacked by government agencies, and then stonewalled in retaliation for their political speech, etc.

      If gun manufacturers would list the ingredients that went into their guns, we’d be able to know in advance of making a purchase whether any actual evil was used in their manufacture. Several makers list pride as having gone into their guns. As we know, pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and so I try to avoid guns or other products containing an inordinate measure of pride, and any actual pride content would have to be offset by some quantity of grace.

      • We already have being Grubered.
        “Obamad” could mean all sorts of official misdeeds.

        Hmmm.. Graceful guns? Pretty much rules out Glock and Ruger, except for maybe a Ruger No 1.

    • Well, at least we know that those can’t be *concentrated evil*, or we’d have been turned into Hermit Crabs!

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