6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Disarm @Disarm

  1. I agree with the quote. A ban on handguns is definitely the answer to gun violence.

    That is, assuming you want it to get a whole lot worse, and to push this country farther toward chaos and civil war. I guess we should state our goals clearly and openly before we start suggesting ways to accomplish them. If on the other hand, peace, freedom and prosperity are the goals, no infringements on the right to keep and bear arms would make any sense at all.

    The point of course is that we should all stop pretending that “both sides want the same things and they simply disagree on the details of how best to get there”, because that pretext is a lie. Some people want peace, freedom and prosperity while others want the Fundamental Transformation of America.

  2. Let me get this straight, Mr. Disarm; Coyotes are coming into our neighborhood and eating our dogs and cats, so your solution is to defang and declaw our surviving dogs and cats?

  3. What “violence epidemic”? Violent crime has been declining for two decades.

    • I’ll do the Progressives’ job here. The epidemic may be on the decline, sure, but it’s still an epidemic. “The Job” won’t be done until the number of “gun deaths” is zero. There is no acceptable number above zero. That is, unless you’re saying you want more dead kids so you can have your toys and manhood substitutes. If the Black Plague were only taking a few hundred thousand per year instead of the previous year’s millions, you wouldn’t say it was all over, would you, that the job was all done, that no further action were necessary? THAT’S what you’re saying?

      (Sorry; I learned to speak fluent Progressive in my youth. I was raised on that shit)

      You still want to focus on statistics, or are the subjects of humans rights, liberty, equality, deterrence, human nature and balance of force looking more attractive?

    • Because in NY, the government wants to make sure that only they and the other criminals are armed?

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