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The only reason we have background checks in the first place is so some politicians could get votes or funding, and so government had a mechanism of denying folks a Constitutionally enumerated Right. It does no practical good in keeping people with evil intent from causing harm or even acquiring weapons while it burdens and prevents the Rights of people who intend only good from having the best means of self defense.

January 6, 2015
The Wrong People
[It’s a bit long but there is some very good information in this post.

See also my post on background checks.—Joe]


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  1. There are a lot of good points in there that I had never even thought about. Thanks

  2. In short; legal restrictions deter only the law abiding. Criminals, by definition, are NOT deterred by legal restrictions while the law abiding ARE deterred. Restrictions on weapons therefore have the singular effect of empowering criminals.

    Under a TOTAL BAN on weapons, there will of course be two sets of people; those who have guns and those who don’t. The law abiding will not have them. Government and criminals will have them. This is the end game.

    Understanding the motivation for that end game is very, very simple. Government and criminals share a common goal, which is to lord over us and claim our creativity and wealth for themselves. Thus government and criminals are natural allies. Soul mates. They need not actually meet and collaborate in any direct way, though that does occasionally happen of course. The point is that each needs the other for its empowerment and sustenance, and the rest of us (we who would prefer to mind our own business) are their shared prey.

  3. Joe,
    “It’s a bit long…”??? But… but… I spent so many years trying to be terse & now you’re telling me that I’ve failed? Oh I’ll never be able to tweet. Le sigh…. 😀

    I hate using the word criminal. I’m a criminal – my magazines hold more than 15 rounds, look newish & smell faintly of Cheyenne. Plus I ignore any edict that says I have to get a license & pay a bribe to exercise a Right. Somewhere twixt half a million & 2 million New Yorkers are criminals cause they realized “law abiding gun owner” was synonymous with “sucker”. I believe a whole bunch of folks in Washington state are now criminals for doing things exactly the way they did legally back in October.

    Restriction on Rights do deter the “law abiding gun owners”, but they only benefit criminals with ill intent, while us well intentioned criminals are also harmed by them.

  4. Yeah, we can see how well the gun controller’s dreamland of laws in Yurp, in general, and Frawncey, in particular, worked this past week now haven’t we?

    Well, haven’t we?

    • It depends on what you believe their real goals, as opposed their pretend goals, are.

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