A gun for the man in your life


It’s simple; just watch Ramno and get your man whatever he’s carrying (not that I’ve ever been able to sit through a Rambo movie without turning it off and finding something interesting to do, like watching some oil varnish dry, but I can imagine he carries some manly weapons).

I dunno, maybe a scoped 10 inch 500 S&W for IWB carry? Something a man can get his hands around. Ladies; if you want to get me the 500, I’d actually be cool with it. I’d just carry it in a shoulder holster of some kind is all. A set of loading dies for it would be nice too, please. A 7.5″ 454 Casull would be my second choice. That’s just because I already have a DAO 38 snubbie– It serves nicely as ballast for the case it’s stays in.


9 thoughts on “A gun for the man in your life

  1. Actually (if they ever got off the dime and get it on the market) the Arsenal 2011 would be interesting.


    I would’ve thought by the last “Expendables” movie, that one of the heroes would wield two of them, one in each hand with a Hibben knife between the teeth. đŸ™‚

    When Ken Jorgensen was still with S&W, I got to shoot one of the first .500s. We couldn’t see it on X-Ray, but my orthopedist and I were of the same mind. I had cracked my index (No.2) metacarpal, by simply shooting the thing 5 times.

    It took 6-7 weeks before I could handle anything more than a .22 without it starting to hurt after just a few rounds.

    Go with the FA .454.

    • “It took 6-7 weeks before I could handle anything more than a .22…”

      OK, OK, so a 500 Smith, some dies, a 22 pistol, AND a gift certificate from the local hospital.

  2. lyle:

    a dpms gen ii ar-15 in .308 winchester. if “druthers” come true.

    if you are gonna be in a fight, go prepared. i’ll take the rifle any day.

    john jay

  3. .500 S&W has brisk, fun recoil. Got a couple rounds many years back at a rental range, before I started picking up stuff for myself. Had I had one more, I would have one-handed the thing.

    Really, though, what you need is a draco or krinkov pistol (piston drive AR pistols or similar would also work, PLR-16 would be a nice easy off-the-shelf option), nice leather shoulder holster under a jacket or cover garment. 10 rounder in the gun, and a few 40 rounders carried on the opposite side. Obviously you’ll need to one-hand the thing to use it in proper manly fashion, although nobody’d judge too hard if things got hairy and you put a second hand on it for stability purposes.

  4. Rambo typically carried a big custom fixed blade knife, and sometimes some wicked archery equipment with suitably nasty HE arrows, but the guns he used were typically battlefield discards, or lifted off a handy enemy he defeated hand-to-hand. No big fancy custom or difficult to obtain guns.

  5. Heh. If Rambo carried a sewing needle, it’d be a ‘manly’ weapon, for those who define ‘manliness’ in such terms. Personally, I think a part (but certainly not the sum) of manliness is carrying a weapon, or at least something that can be EMPLOYED as a weapon, and some measure of skill in its use.
    I’ve briefly considered buying one of those goofy pink poly pistols, because what self-respecting banger is gonna want to admit to his posse that he got shot by one of THOSE?
    Exit question: Ever see what happens to Rambo when he gets shot with a .38 DAO snubbie?

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