Quote of the day—Barb L.

Your high moral standards are often troubling to me.

Barb L.
December 31, 2014
[This was in the context of my disapproving look when she said she was going to use a crate to stand on a step when taking down the outside Christmas lights. She further elaborated on her doing things like going the wrong way in parking lots as a short cut to a parking space.

She sometimes even asks me to close my eyes while she engages in such behavior. I almost always comply. But, without me saying a single word, she did agree to use a step ladder rather than the crate this morning. And she accepted my help with the lights on the peak of the garage.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Barb L.

  1. This “Barb L.” seems to be featured quite regularly as your QotD. I suspect some sort of bias.

  2. “Moral” standards? I’m not so sure the idea of using a step stool verses a box or whatnot rises to the level of a moral standard. Traveling the “wrong way” in a parking lot? Not exactly something that should be upsetting anyone’s conscience. “Practical” I think.
    “Your high standards of practicality are often troubling to me”
    “Your practical nature is often troubling to me.”
    And there it becomes odd, for what about practicality (i.e. logic) can be “troubling”?

    This comment of course could be considered pedantic, which some people may find troubling.

    • The stepstool issue becomes a moral issue if you are putting yourself or others at unnecessary risk.

      The parking lot issue become a moral issue if you consider breaking government or private property rules as having to do with morality.

      • She sounds like someone who thinks “outside the box”. Which is too rare, unfortunately. Conformity stifles the imagination. As long as people aren’t getting hurt, more power to her. Sounds like a neat person.

        It appears you done good, Joe 😀

  3. There is way too much over-analysis going on here. I unfriend all of you.

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