The psychological model

I had an interesting “conversation” with some people on Twitter the last few days. Their contribution was a constant string of insults such as:

@jgrubb62190 @EndNRA @AWorldOutOfMind Because you show your inadequacies so proudly. Someday you might find a woman.

— Darth (@DarthNihilus1) December 9, 2014

@JoeHuffman @CharleyVCU1988 @EndNRA @jgrubb62190 @AWorldOutOfMind PS, at no time did I refer to myself as anti-gun, presumptuous dick-bag.

— Darth (@DarthNihilus1) December 29, 2014

@DarthNihilus1 @JoeHuffman @CharleyVCU1988 @EndNRA @jgrubb62190 The gun nuts are a sad, sorry lot with zero human empathy. Heartless, dense.

— Saint Brian (@AWorldOutOfMind) December 30, 2014

@JoeHuffman @AWorldOutOfMind @CharleyVCU1988 @EndNRA @jgrubb62190 Put your glasses on, old timer..

— Darth (@DarthNihilus1) December 30, 2014

@JoeHuffman @AWorldOutOfMind @CharleyVCU1988 @EndNRA @jgrubb62190 More blog links, this guy is fucking dense!!

— Darth (@DarthNihilus1) December 30, 2014

@AWorldOutOfMind @JoeHuffman @CharleyVCU1988 @EndNRA @jgrubb62190 I enjoy destroying them slowly.

— Darth (@DarthNihilus1) December 30, 2014

@DarthNihilus1 @JoeHuffman @CharleyVCU1988 @EndNRA @jgrubb62190 And did you? I mean, you should have, but you can’t destroy Teflon Idiocy.

— Saint Brian (@AWorldOutOfMind) December 30, 2014

@AWorldOutOfMind @JoeHuffman @CharleyVCU1988 @EndNRA @jgrubb62190 I destroy him publicly, so others can see him with his pants down.

— Darth (@DarthNihilus1) December 30, 2014

@DarthNihilus1 @JoeHuffman @CharleyVCU1988 @EndNRA @jgrubb62190 I can’t interact with them that much anymore. I get actual nausea.

— Saint Brian (@AWorldOutOfMind) December 30, 2014

You don’t win the gun rights debate by getting your peer group to agree with your insults. You win by getting public opinion on your side and winning court cases.

Yet the psychology is interesting. Insults versus logical arguments? Patting themselves on the back thinking they have won? Nausea?

Hmmm… this is all consistent with the neurological and psychology model proposed by Anonymous Conservative.


6 thoughts on “The psychological model

  1. Re: Nausea

    I’ve been curious about this pattern for a while of leftists claiming some sort of physical sickness or nausea when hearing or reading opinions that they disagree with. I’ve seen it most commonly among extreme feminists, and I’ve spotted it among anti-gunners here and there too. I wonder if it’s a variation on the violence of the left? Or the total inability to argue their points in a logical way, and so they fall back to claiming that words on a page make them sick.

    When all facts, logic, laws, and public opinion are going against you, you can always claim you’re going to throw up! That’s sure to convince ’em!

  2. I was reading along some as you were having that “discussion”. Their insults were interesting only for the lack of originality. There’s a reason I don’t engage that side on twitter, I would have started returning insult for insult. I don’t see that as helpful so I stay silent. Most of the time anyway.

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