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You NRA scum are pure evil — PURE EVIL.

December 18, 2014
Comment to Why Sandy Hook Victims Won’t Win Their Suit Against Bushmaster
[And what do most people believe should be done with “pure evil”? Do you think people who believe “NRA scum” are pure evil don’t want to take your guns? Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance of people like this. Failure to pay this price will result in servitude and death for millions of innocent people.—Joe]


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  1. It’s fascinating, in a way, to see how easily some people can conflate the right to keep and bear arms with murder, armed assault, robbery or other crimes, as though they were exactly the same thing. It’s pure insanity. PURE INSANITY!

    How would they react if we formed a campaign to associate all other rights with various crimes. Free speech advocates are thus PURE EVIL because speech can be used for fraud and libel, and for deception in general. Anyone opposed to random, warrantless searches is obviously harboring criminals or criminal activity, and is therefore PURE EVIL! Fifth amendment protection against self incrimination is PURE EVIL because it’s only purpose is to protect the guilty.

    What ever happened to civics education in this country? Don’t answer; I know. What we’re seeing in this quote, and in the coming of the next great conflict, is due significantly to a failure of public education. Public education, as an institution, by its very nature, will tend toward advocacy of government power as opposed to individual liberty. Such is as inevitable as the tides.

      • Oops! You’re absolutely right. I can’t believe I made such an obvious blunder. Even I must be somewhat over-taken by the Progressive disease at times. My apologies to all.

  2. At the risk of belaboring the obvious:

    “You NRA scum are pure evil — PURE EVIL.”

    If kglnyc truly believed that, he/she would not say so to our faces. How smart is it to spit in the face of overly-capitalized PURE EVIL (and armed PURE EVIL at that)?

    It’s like the morons who scream, through megaphones, at rapt crowds, that they have no freedom of speech. Their very actions contradict their words… and they don’t seem to realize it.

    • Because most believe nothing bad will actually happen to them. Progs are invariably shocked and enraged when consequences occur to them.

  3. Wow, it appears that 80-100 million fellow Americans who own firearms and 5 million or so of them who are NRA members are PURE EVIL just because they own them. Is that the charge? Virtually none of these firearms owners nor the subset of NRA members has ever committed a felony nor any violent crime and yet our mere ownership of firearms and support for doing so is PURE EVIL.

    The poster kglnyc needs to get a moral compass. Let me give provide a real definition of PURE EVIL. It is those people that enable any government to oppress or commit genocides. The people who voted for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party who then took advantage of the “common sense” gun laws enacted beforehand helped promote the Holocaust. Advocating for the disarmament of citizens is a frequent precursor for PURE EVIL democides.

    Only my enemy wants me disarmed and by definition my enemy wants to harm me. Please argue against that kglnyc.

  4. friends:

    on the side of gun ownership (to be used against oppressive rulers) and “pure evil.”
    — george washington — thomas jefferson — james madison — john jay — alexander hamilton — ronald reagen — tom selleck

    on the side of gun “control” (rulers who used guns against an unarmed population), and who espoused collectivist and leftist ideology, or who espouse collectivist ideology to justify “gun confiscation.”
    — adolf hitler — joseph stalin — mao — pol phot — various english kings, catholic & protestant, who attempted to disarm catholic & protestant populations (you figure it out, or look it up if lacking a bit in native wit) — idi amin —

    hitler and stalin & minions killed roughly 60 million people “prematurely,” while mao regime & minions & little red brigades accounted for 20 to 25 million, more or less. keep in mind firearms aren’t necessary to kill large numbers of enemy or defenseless enemies. in central africa in the last several decades, tribesmen & -women armed w/ rocks, machetes, spears and the like have killed millions.

    this “pure evil” fellow is not only historically wrong (ask the various presidents of the united states who have been n.r.a. members, and those of a military heritage who fought in combat prior to being president), about gun owners being evil, but he is historically ignorant about those who have done the killing of innocents in the recent centuries.

    it is the left that kills. it is the collectivists who are evil. and, that is fact, and not hyperbole.

    john jay

      • Last I looked, open carry was legal in civilized states, so I’m puzzled by your comment.

        • When he was governor of California. He supported gun control laws there banning open carry of loaded firearms by signing into law the Mulford Act in 1967. It was a direct response to the Black Panthers at the time carrying rifles openly.

    • “— george washington — thomas jefferson — james madison — john jay — alexander hamilton — ronald reagen — tom selleck”
      All pasty white, male, capitalist terrorists, don’t you know, many of whom owned slaves. PURE EVIL!

      Seriously though; that’s what it’s come to. People actually believe that, thanks in large part to public education. Some kids are being taught that the Pilgrims of the first Thanksgiving were “America’s first terrorists”. We may laugh and scoff, and yet a generation of Americans is going to end up thinking like that. Many do right now. “Check your privilege” didn’t come out of nowhere.

      The newly “educated” little monsters are going to want your PURE EVIL blood soon. That’s the plan anyway.

      • I just re-read Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies trilogy”. Scary stuff. And yes, it feels just about real.

  5. If the “NRA types” are “PURE EVIL” (which kglnyc claims), and yet they have the moral high ground (which they undisputably do), then how much worse are kglnyc and his/her colleagues?

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