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Some of these hunters should get Viagra instead of bigger guns. Take away some of the “envy” if you know what I mean.

December 4, 2014
Comment to 3 challenge Florida decision to lift ban on gun silencers for hunting
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

What is most interesting to me about this particular example of Markley’s Law is that the article this guy commented on didn’t even mention “bigger guns”. It was all about suppressors.

These people have mental health issues. They literally “hear” things that were not said. I’ve dealt with people like this before. You can repeat your words and they still hear something completely different from what was said. You can literally have them read the words you wrote and they insist there are words there that do not exist. You can push them hard enough to read carefully and agree that those words do not exist then, literally, ten seconds later they insist those words are there again.

I’m reminded of a story where, after visiting a mental health ward, a person asked a health provider, “Why do so many of the patients insist they hear the voice of God?” The response was, “Because it’s one of the few socially acceptable delusions.”

It is my hypothesis there are so many mentally unfit people in the anti-gun movement because it’s one of the few socially acceptable areas where total government control is somewhat accepted. Their lives are chaotic, they feel out of control, and they seek stability even though they make the very decisions that created much of the chaos. Individuality, and gun ownership in particular, represents unpredictability and chaos to them. Government control of their lives and the lives of others represents, however delusional a belief this actually is, the ultimate stability and security.—Joe]


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  1. I think your hypothesis may be right. Some people tend to panic unless they feel someone is in control of everything. I wonder if it’s a fear of taking responsibility for their own lives, that way if anything goes wrong in their lives they can blame it on someone else.

    • And yet, a shocking number of these people choose to be atheists.

      Seems to me, if you’re going to blame someone/something for events you can’t quite fathom, you should be starting with a being that is, by definition, unfathomable.

      But that would require faith in something other than their true belief system: the Religion of the State.

  2. Or maybe they are just sexually frustrated individuals that have not come to terms with their own sexual preferences. Otherwise why bring up other people’s genitalia every time? Seriously get a life or a hobby.

    • “Otherwise why bring up other people’s genitalia every time?”

      Because it’s an easy attack. The whole “tiny penis” thing is simply a way for them to belittle and figuratively emasculate gun owners. The implication is that we are less that “real men”, therefore beneath them (and making them, by comparison, superior). It’s a cheap playground shot at best – not, as Joe suggests, a mental health thing but more of an “I’m better than you are” taunt that a 5-year old would use.

  3. “They literally “hear” things that were not said.”

    Absolutely true. It’s damned near impossible to have even innocuous conversations with some of my leftist relatives due to this. Perhaps they’re always searching for that nuanced, sophisticated, meaning-within-a-meaning in our words. Because, you know, they’re SO much smarter, and they understand SO much more.

    • Sounds like my wife’s cousin. Anything even remotely offensive, and he gets … crazy with indignation.

      Holidays are a hoot. 😉

    • Racist!

      Just kidding. That’s the type of response you can expect who hear what they want to hear.

  4. A brief one, but one of your most profound posts yet, Joe. How else can they just ignore reams of actual data that destroys their arguments, and continually opt for “because it makes me “feel” safer argument? They invent – and believe – things that aren’t there, and disregard data that is. If they needed a mental health check to drive a car – as they would impose on prospective gun owners – most of these folks would be riding the (short) bus.

    • Thank you.

      It may appear profound to you and some others but it was based on experience I acquired daily over decades and, to me, it appears quite obvious.

  5. I’m not sure about the mental health part. But I have seen a massively ingrained doublethink. You have people who will go on about how great confiscation would be right after they mocked gun owners for being paranod and said “no body is coming to take your guns.”

    Or they’ll go on about how harmless registration is and then go on and brag about countries that have had major gun bans facilitated via registration.

    For example, I had a leftist friend make a post about crazy people in politics, and in it he had an asside that admited “okay sure, some people on the left want to ban guns, but they’re a minor part.”

    And right on queue one of his friends went on with a reply where literally her first words were “I don’t wnat to ban guns but…”

    Right after that she had another post that started with an indignent “I never said I didn’t want to ban guns.”

  6. Well, on a Related Note, you will be happy to hear that the Governor of Ohio just signed a Bill that expands Personal Firearms Freedom. One of the “Goodies” is that Ohio now gets to join, what, 29 OTHER States in allowing Hunters to put Suppressors on their Firearms for use during Hunting Season. I think it goes into effect at the end of March. Which with our Long Squirrel, Rabbit, Coyote and “Varmint” Seasons, should help to expand .22LR sales. Too Bad there’s no .22LR….

  7. An interesting take on their motivating factors for wanting gun control. Basically, they need the firm hand of government controlling everything and this demands total citizen disarmament. Irrational response to an illogical fear.

    I’m not so sure though. I still think many of them are evil and do wish to control us; not to assuage their own insecurities. My evidence is some of the worst gun haters are those who have full security details and no personal security fears.

    Regardless, only my enemy wants me disarmed. I don’t care if it is due to their ignorance and stupidity or their malice. In all cases, I suffer if they succeed.

  8. My physician wife has a rule for analyzing the mental state of patients. If, after meeting and speaking with the patient about their physical problem, she comes away feeling like she was going crazy, she can pretty much assume the patient is actually not making sense and is crazy.

    A good, quick rule for life.

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