Riding the Red Horse

Riding The Red Horse is a military fiction anthology being published 15 Dec 2014 by Castalia House. It is edited by Tom Kratman and Vox Day. I have a short story in it, the story of the first Armadillo mission. There are some big names in it, and I am honored to be among them. Vox posted about it here.


Authors writing for it include:

  • Eric S. Raymond: “Sucker Punch” and “Battlefield Lasers”
  • William S. Lind: “Understanding 4th Generation Warfare”
  • Chris Kennedy: “Thieves in the Night”
  • Vox Day: “A Reliable Source”
  • James F. Dunnigan: “Murphy’s Law” and “Red Waves in the South China Sea”
  • Jerry Pournelle: “His Truth Goes Marching On” and “Simulating the Art of War”
  • Ken Burnside: “The Hot Equations: Thermodynamics and Military SF”
  • Christopher G. Nuttall: “A Piece of Cake”
  • Rolf Nelson: “Shakedown Cruise”
  • Steve Rzasa and Vox Day: “Tell it to the Dead”
  • Harry Kitchener: “The Limits of Intelligence”
  • Giuseppe Filotto: “Red Space”
  • John F. Carr and Wolfgang Diehr: “Galzar’s Hall”
  • Thomas Mays: “Within This Horizon”
  • Benjamin Chea: “War Crimes”
  • James Perry: “Make the Tigers Fight”
  • Brad Torgersen: “The General’s Guard”
  • Tedd Roberts: “They Also Serve”
  • Tom Kratman: “Learning to Ride the Red Horse: The Principles of War”
  • Steve Rzasa: Turncoat

Wow. As I’ve said before… how the heck did I wind up in the same room with these guys?

Vox ran a short poll on who’s story was expected to be best/favorite military fiction when looked back on from some point in the future. In a bizarre outcome, I managed to come in 4th of 12 spots on the fiction writers. I’ve written only one novel, and I’m going against some big names, or at least names with a lot more history than mine, so I’m not sure what all it means, but I’m flattered, and I really hope I live up to expectations. Heck, I’d be thrilled to still be welcome, let alone considered in the top half of that group, a year or two from now!

One of the writers, Tom Mays, has read them all and said that he thought that mine and SteveĀ  Rzasa’s were the best. It’s not particularly subtle or flashy, just a straight-up space battle, but apparently he liked it, and it ties in directly with The Stars Came Back.


7 thoughts on “Riding the Red Horse

  1. I was a bit surprised at the list of authors, at least three of those I’ve known for years from completely separate careers/hobbies/interests , never thought I’d see them in one volume.

    • Yes, some amazing talent, and I look forward to the reviews (and sales). It’s a very interesting group, and I’m feeling very much the smallest fish in the school. But better that than be washed up on the shore, decaying in the sun!
      I guess only time will tell if I truly deserve to be with them; certainly I’d like to think I could be good enough – if only the pay were better.

  2. Congrats Rolf! I actually read you first, followed you to being published with Castalia, and that’s how I discovered Day, Wright, and Kratman. Those guys totally owe you a beer.

    • If I ever meet them face to face, I’ll let them know.
      Feels a little strange to be the guy leading reader TO people like Kratman and Wright, but I guess somebody has to.

  3. I was already going to buy it this payday, definitely now! Good on ya, and congratulations getting picked up and being in great company. I sure am glad Beale is putting this together, the way the publishing houses have gotten. You never know where this will take you. Remember, Larry Correiea was just a regular guy a few short years ago.

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