A legend in my own time?

I recently had an email conversation with John G. at the Lewiston Idaho pistol club. I haven’t attended a match there in probably two years but he said they still tell stories about me.


So he claimed. Then he gave me the following examples (link added about the magazine shooting incident):

A shooter dropped a mag while reloading on the run and somehow booted it into the target area, prompting the story about Joe Huffman, who once shot one of his own mags clean through…  Better to be infamous than forgotten, I suppose.  Strangely, I’m reasonably certain that the person telling the story wasn’t shooting with us when it happened, suggesting you’ve become part of the oral history of our matches.

We also still use you as a unit of measure for heights (e.g., “Joe Huffman could shoot over it but nobody else can, so it’s high enough”).

Wow! I’m thinking maybe I should go back and shoot a match with them again sometime over the holidays.

I was wondering. Does this make me a legend in my own time? Or just in my own mind?


2 thoughts on “A legend in my own time?

  1. They also say you were the only one who drew from “concealment” every time during matches. I put that in quotes because I assumed that they meant your regular OWB holster under a jacket or whatever, as I’ve never seen you wearing anything else. 🙂

    This was just a month or two ago. If ever I get time to go back, I may do the same. Seems like a good idea!

    Not sure about the legendary aspect of it, though. Seems like it could be a good start, though. On the other hand, all of these tales need to be way taller for that to work, in my opinion. 🙂

    • The only time I drew from concealment was during the concealed carry side matches.

      Similar, completely true, and yet misleading would be that I used my concealed carry gun for all handgun matches. Less misleading would be that I conceal carry my match gun (a STI Eagle).

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