Via Weer’d Beard we have this from Baldr Odinson:


It’s not exactly Markley’s Law but it’s close.

When they have all but given up on concealed carry and resort to insults like this about open carry you know they are getting really desperate to get even temporary attention and have completely lost relevancy.


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  1. Most of these types of posts are depressing, but I have to admit, this one is actually kind of funny. It’s a proper humorous insult, rather than the typical mindless idiocy that normally imbues these kinds of insinuations.

    • Fair point, still it’s a false equivalency. Not like there are a uniformed body of officials who walk around with their dongs hanging out and nobody seems to care.

      But as I typed this different analogies were wandering through my brain. I got thinking that “indecent exposure” is a crime, while open carry is generally a recognized part of our law.

      Still We DO have a uniformed body of “Officials” who do routinely commit crime and all but a small group of activists seem to be hollering out “WTF???”

      See if you can guess. They have a recognizable uniform, and their crimes are blackmail and sexual assault, and they do this all day long, every day of the week, and few people say peep.

      • Sounds like you’re describing TSA, though I don’t get the blackmail comment.

        • You are correct, sir!

          As for blackmail, it may not be the best term, but it’s the most fitting I can think of.

          TSA has no right to search your person, or your bags. They aren’t law enforcement, and even law enforcement has strict restrictions on when, what, where, and how they may search a person. There is no blanket exemption clause for certain government entities to have carte blanche of the 4th, even if that is in an airport.

          I’m somebody who fucks with the TSA. I refuse the scanners EVERY time. When asked if there are any sensitive parts of my body I say “Only my 4th Amendment rights”. I need to also start correcting them when they talk about my anatomy. No they aren’t feeling the “inside of my legs” they’re touching my penis, and no I don’t give a damn WHAT part of their hands they’re using to touch my hog.

          Still in the end I willingly give up my rights. They’re technically not violating my 4th Amendment because I am consenting. Still I’m consenting under duress. My plane is leaving shortly and the whole reason I’m standing in front of those perverts is because I intend to be on the plane.

          I consider it blackmail because I’m connecting because if I down bow to their illegal wishes I don’t enter the terminal (that also has no consent to having them there).

          Maybe you can help me tweak my analogy.

          • I would conclude that they DO violate the 4th amendment. That amendment says under what conditions the government may search your person and property. It does not say “if you want to travel” in that list of conditions.
            The other issue is that they violate Article 1 Section 8. There is nothing whatsoever in the Constitution that gives TSA the right to exist at all, never mind for it to do anything.

          • They have not stopped a single terrorist yet, so there track record is piss poor with all of the negatives of a perverted police state.

            I would argue that their entire role is now superfluous. Let everyone carry firearms on planes and we won’t have a repeat of 9-11.
            If a SOB stands up and shouts “Allah Akbur” he would receive a lead enema. If he tries to breach the cockpit door the pilot is going to start to do acrobatics. If he tries to detonate a bomb people will at least have a chance to put a bullet in his brain box. Also, bullets are not going to give explosive depressurization.

            What’s the downside?

  2. But… they’re against concealed carry too. So what does that mean in this context? Mandatory castration?

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