Is this better?

A few days ago I posted this image and asked “What does this look like?


I have updated the image to this:


In addition to tracing over the top of an image of an actual supersonic bullet in flight I simplified things some. I have a strong tendency to dive deep into details when it isn’t necessary and even when it is counter productive. This represents a lot of restraint on my part.

As some people guessed this was for an update for my ballistics program, Field Ballistics, for Windows Phone. There are some other changes as well. The most important of the changes:

  • Elevation measurements are expressible in mils as well as MOA
  • Native support in various resolutions for Windows Phone 8.0.
  • When the “Wide Tile” is pinned to the start page it show the current conditions, cartridge, and target selected.
  • All of Hornady’s match ammo has been added to the “Factory” cartridges.

If you have it installed on your Windows 8.x phone it may have already updated automatically. If not then go to this link to update.


6 thoughts on “Is this better?

  1. Even closer to a cruise ship. Consider adding land marks on the body…..

  2. Looking good. Recommend you up the bullet size by 50%. It’s the star of the show. Needs to make the most of the medium and small tile sizes. Bring the tip in a bit from the left edge. At phone DPIs, its current placement seems crowded to me and might ‘leak’ onto a white background, if such a theme was selected, or get stomped on the by the mandatory boundary in high-contrast mode. Yeah, you might not have many customers who invoke HC.

  3. Much better, I know you don’t like Android, but it would bring a larger audience for your product.

  4. Hi Joe!
    Are you writing in a framework like Xamrin or are you writing directly in VS with C#?
    This may impact my ability to get this in the future on my Android device…

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