Some people get it

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This is what happened as I see it now. The Party of the KKK, the Party of Progressivism and Margaret Sanger, saw what was happening in the 1960s, and saw that they could not stop it. So they got out in front of it. It’s a standard tactic of the left; if you can’t stop it, at least take some credit for it, join in, and steer it your direction or otherwise work it to your advantage. Co-opt it.

Now the Democrats have over 90% of Black Americans in their back pocket, keeping them angry, keeping them feeling sorry for themselves, keeping them hopeless, and thus keeping them voting Democrat. Meanwhile far more black babies are being aborted, as a percentage, than white babies, and the black family has been degraded such that Black mothers turn increasingly to the government as a surrogate father. Margaret Sanger, right there. She and Woodrow Wilson both loved the KKK.

In summary; the Democrats, with help from Uncle Toms like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and promoter of violent revolution Lewis Farrakhan, are trying to turn black Americans into the objects of hate that they’ve always been for Progressives. And as a two-fer, they’re also trying to turn police into the “pigs” that the hippie/beatnik/communist/Progressives said they were back in the ’60s.

Same thing has been happening with the feminist movement, by the way. It’s standard playbook. Co-opt a budding pro-liberty movement and turn it into a tool of agitation, of anti-liberty, anti-rights, anti-capitalist anti-human activism. It’s happening all around you.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is frozen stiff with fear, and anger at their own base. They didn’t get into politics to fight. They didn’t run for office to be harangued and maligned, yet that’s what they’re facing, and they’re making it worse the longer they sit on their hands and play their stupid games. They will never lead. Principled leadership has been bred out of the Party. Forget the parties. They’re done. Totaled. FUBAR. It’s up to the People.

Edited to add; Here are a few famous and very loved Progressives, spilling the beans;

Early 20th Century playwright and darling of the Progressives, George Bernard Shaw.

Democrat President Woodrow Wilson and his pro KKK movie “Birth of a Nation”.

Margaret Sanger, early 20th Century Progressive, revered to this day, on the “Negro Problem” and the purpose of advocating birth control. Sound familiar? It should. It was the inspiration for the German National Socialist’s Eugenics programs, and their Final Solution, which we now know as The Holocaust.

And we’ll wrap it up with another all-time darling of the Progressives all my life and even to this day, Helen Thomas on what they view as the Jewish Problem.

They must be laughing like hell at the fact that they actually managed to get the American black and Jewish votes wrapped up, and that no one called them out on it all this time.


6 thoughts on “Some people get it

    • That is an interesting (if predictable) article, for several reasons.

      “…comparing the social and economic status of African American families in 1965 to their condition today paints a troubling picture about their current state — and, by extension, the long-term economic survival of the collective black community.”

      (First; that would be “picture of” not “picture about“.)

      That is, in essence, exactly what Cliven Bundy said, though he was less articulate, and white, and old, and conservative, and a farmer, and he used the older term “negro”, and so he was thrown under the bus as a “racist” for saying it. In fact, Star Parker, Thomas Sowell and many others have said the same thing. Because it’s true. And it isn’t racist to point out the fact that Progressive policies have made things far worse. Even though 90+% of black Americans vote Democrat, and even though a lot of people don’t want to hear it and will flip out and have fits if they do, it’s still true.

      It’s also interesting because after decades of “Great Society” type socialist policies, ostensibly designed to help, things have gotten worse, AND the leftists quoted in the article oh-so-predictably want to double down on the same garbage that has been making things worse for over 50 years. In short;
      “Blame Whitey, and lets give you some money, some midnight basketball, and a few special favors here and there, treating you all like helpless children while keeping you trapped in the shittiest public schools on the planet, and whatever you do, don’t take any responsibility for your own station in life whatsoever. Oh and be sure to vote Democrat, ’cause those evil Republicans will take your freebies away, ’cause they hate you, ’cause you’re black”.

      That proves to me, beyond all doubt (as if I didn’t know already) that Progressives merely use poverty and other problems (real or imagined, or intentionally created) as a rationalization for their incremental communist agenda. And they’ve said it themselves;
      “Never let a crisis go to waste.” And we still don’t get it.

      Socialism, or any departure from the simple principles of liberty and equality that America was founded on, causes problems, as it always does, and the answer of course is much more of the same crap– Lather, rinse, repeat at higher volume. That’s Progressivism in a nut shell.

    • Good point. It’s a whole book full of this stuff. Shocking that so many Progressives even know what Progressivism means, how it started, who started it, and what they believed

      • That’s “don’t even know”. Most supporters of Progressives don’t know Progressivism, which of course is the point. Very odd.

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