3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sandra Lägel‏ @WittyGentlelady

  1. There’s the conflation of the penis with a weapon again, and the right to keep and bear arms for defense of self and country with murder. Obviously, kids are learning about sex and civics from all the wrong sources. Who will stand up and correct them?

    Sooner or later a good number of these unfortunates are going to wake up, and then they’ll see how they’ve been manipulated, played with, used as tools, and they’ll want the liars and manipulators held accountable. Then Katy bar the door.

    But some people will avoid the truth at all cost. Trapped between the full realization that you’ve been made into a complete piece of shit by people you trusted and respected, verses continuing the charade, looking for ways to rationalize and justify it; what’s a poor, gentle lady to do? The former suggests responsibility, demands action even, against the perpetrators of the lies. The latter is just a continuation of the status quo, and is much easier, at least for a while, at least for one more day.

    A witty, gentle lady would never feel the need to label herself as such. Anyone unable to see those qualities as obvious would not be worth the effort, and to everyone else it would be considered uncouth. Thus anyone labeling herself as such, isn’t. QED.

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