Quote of the day—L.Bearer

The problem we have is not with death, so much as it is the violence, which is ironic since we seem to want to curb the very right and the very tool that protects us from said violence.

January 20, 2013
Comment to Please Take Away My Right to a Gun
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

One thought on “Quote of the day—L.Bearer

  1. sirs:

    you miss the point of violence from the regime’s point of view. it serves two purposes:

    1.) it advances the aims of the sub-groups the regime want to advance, e.g., the “poor,” and the black community, and
    2.) by encouraging, fostering, fomenting and supporting the violence of its favored sub-groups, the regime also creates the very rationale that supports the consolidation of its use of force, to promote “peace and tranquility” in the community, by curbing the rights of the majority.

    for obama, the riots in ferguson go hand in hand w/ his schemes to disarm any populace with a will to oppose his consolidation of regime power. simple as that.

    john jay

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