1 thought on “Quote of the day—Jeff Soyer

  1. Yes; legal restrictions on guns and gun owners have never had anything to do with crime and safety. Their sole purpose has been to impede and discourage the exercise of an enumerated right by peaceable citizens, and to harass. Criminals, by definition, are not dissuaded from murder and mayhem by silly gun laws. A piece of paper (a gun law) cannot stop a crime. That takes action.

    The NRA teaches gun safety, and those who claim to advocate “gun safety” (through legal restriction) hate the NRA with a burning passion. They love reports of accidental injuries, as a path to justifying more gun restrictions. Time and again they’ve demonstrated glee at the thought of people being shot accidentally.

    Unfortunately, a piece of paper known as the U.S. Constitution also cannot stop the willful violation of a human right enumerated therein. That takes action.

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