Quote of the day—Ray Carter

The police (and paramedics) are dandy when they arrive. But in the immediate moment of attempted felonious or otherwise violent action being committed upon ones self, persons one is responsible for or the imminent threat thereof a more immediate tool is both appropriate and desirable even in this day and age. It is my observation that a .45acp JHP placed center of mass at approximately 900fps will, more often than not, bring such unpleasantry to a swift halt, though on occasion repeated application of the lesson is required.

Ray Carter
November 21, 2014
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[Or as John Fogh once said:

Nothing says, “Please don’t rape me.” like multiple jacketed hollowpoints.



1 thought on “Quote of the day—Ray Carter

  1. “You can’t rape a .38.”
    Which is why our betters don’t want them around.

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