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Something we should all understand, and the sooner the better; the anti WANTS to be stopped. Believe it. Just like the errant little child, testing his parents’ strengths and weaknesses by misbehaving, the leftist is testing you, wanting more than anything to find the good, principled, rock solid father figure that he never had, so he’ll be loved and corrected like he never has been. Every time you cave or compromise like a shitty, girlish, drunken Republican on anything, the leftist is disgusted with you, and will ramp up the volume and rattle the cage even harder. It’s a search, you see, for even one good, principled individual.

November 21, 2014
Comment to Quote of the day—Anthony W. Ishii
[It is true that our anti-freedom opponents have a nearly unending demand for the government to force us to do things. So why not give them what they want by government forcing freedom upon them?—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lyle

  1. I said I was developing a knack for shutting down conversations.

    There was a famous woman, a movie actor, back around the 1950s, who once said she wished she could find one man who could say “No” to her. Same concept. Does anyone not understand that? Maybe that’s the wrong question.

    Does anyone understand that? She’s looking for principled leadership, guidance, correction, i.e. a real man as opposed to all the males in her life who were weak for her. The weak man will bend to her will and whim, and/or become angry, and bully, intimidate, guilt her, often alternating between the two, and she despises that. That’s politics, and that’s probably your own household, whoever you may be who read this, and likewise it’s how you’re ending up with the government you deserve.

  2. Children want the adults to behave like — no– to BE adults.
    This is why Leftists are so disturbed when figures from history or contemporaries who speak and appear in public as adults turn out to have had faults, imperfections, foibles and even even to have done wrong on occasion, and why Republican and conservative politicians and others are condemned so strongly compared to leftists who, after all is said and done, are really superannuated children, with the same sense and expectation of responsibility.

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